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Republican Party
Chairman Lou Barletta
President Donald Trump
House leader Majority Leader Mitch McConnel 
Senate leader Representative Leader Jeff Sessions
Founded January 20, 2017
Preceded by Whig Party
Free Soil Party
Old Republican Party
Headquarters Washington D.C.
Student wing College Honor Club of America
Youth Wing Young Soldiers of America
Teen Soldiers of America
Women's wing Women of Great America 
Overseas wing Partners of Great America
Membership  (2019) 64 Million
Ideology Conservatism
Economic Liberalism
Fiscal Conservatism
Social Conservatism
National Conservatism  
American Nationalism
European Affiliation Alliance of European Nationalist and Freedom Parties (regional partner)
International affiliation Parties of Anti-Globalization and Protectionism 
Regional affiliation Nationalist Parties of Asia 
Colors      Red
Seats in the Senate (2019) 36 / 104
Seats in the House (2019) 172/ 452
Governorships (2019) 24 / 52
States with Majority Upper Chamber (2019) 11 / 54
States with Majority Lower Chamber (2019) 23/ 54
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The New Republican Party (Known Simply as the Republican Party and The Great American Party) is the name of a political party located in the United States. The Party was formed when the Republican Party Splintered into two prior to the Repubican National Convention in 2016. The Party is the second-most popular party in the United States behind the Lefitst Party and ahead of the Conservative Party. 


Trump Administration

In June of 2016, Republican Leaders attempted to sabotage Trump's presidency by awarding the Nomination to Senator Ted Cruz. This resulted in a massive schism, leading to the formation of the American Conservative Party, which backed Ted Cruz's nomination. Trump's supporters and allies took control of the Party. Lou Barletta became the Party's Chair, while Jeff Sessions became the Senate Majority Leader. In a surprise move, Mitch McConnell remained apart of the party and backed Donald Trump's candidacy 

During Trump's Presidency, the Party solidified its ideals and became the driving force of American Politics. Trump would not make it pass the first term, as his plans would fall in the growingly divided Congress and attempted coup resulted in his impeachment. 

The Republican Party helped spearhead the Alliance of European Nationalist and Freedom Parties with Marine Le Pen and several other European Nationalist Movements. Among the Parties regional partners, was United Russia.

New Leadership

Lacking a strong voice, the Party went through several leaders. Donald Trump maintained his popularity and influence, but age crippled his ability to run the party as its leader.

In 2030, a young activist named Ben Harris (Born Ben Harrison) took control of the Party and became its next leader. Harris rallied for Trump in the 2016 Election and adopted many of his hardcore stances on issues varying from Immigration to Protectionism. Harris became a voice of hope for the Republican Leadership. Harris was elected its chair in 2031, the same year Chris Christie was persumed to be the nominee for President. 

American Federation and President Andersen 

The United States began to splinter and the nomine for the election was a tossup. Chris Christie was nominated by the Republicans, Michelle Obama for the Democrats, Marco Rubio for the Conservatives, and for the left, Daniel Andersen, a Brooklyn-based politican who pushed for stronger economic reform.

Christie was unable to keep up with Andersen's promises, but thanks to Harris' strong advocaion, he kept a foot in the race. 

During Andersen's Presidency, The Republican Party lost ground, as the economy improved, and jobs propelled the middle class. The Party, which previously spoke out against the Federation Proposal, began to advocate for it, to prevent Andersen, from making the change. 

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