Republic of Moscova
Республика Москва
2025 - Present
Russian Republic 505px-Coat of Arms of Moscow.svg
"Государственный гимн Российской Федерации"
European-russiaShown in silverish color, also known as European Russia.
Capital Moscow
Official languages Russian
State ideology Social-Democracy
Government Federal semi-presidential republic
Head of State
Yury Luzhkov
Head of State
Prime Minister
Sergey Mironov
Area 3,815,100 km²
Population 112,011,000 (2022 est.)
Currency Moscovan Ruble

Following the dissolution of the Russian Federation in 2018 at the end of the Russian Civil War, what was left of the former country's leaders gathered to declare the formation of a new country in what was left of European Russia. With the Ural Mountain and the Siberian Sea dividing Moscova from the Siberian Socialist Republic, the new country was really just a final acknowledgement of the failure of Russian leadership to hold their country together following the flood.


The republic's economy is centered on the space industry. The republic created the VBN-2 space shuttle in 2034 which could carry up to 500,000 passengers. The spacecraft was key in the colonization of other planets. As such, the economy boomed, but with jobs being lost to other countries, the unemployment rate reached 24% in 2044, and it became the most unemployed country on Earth. While the country was suffering from a depression in the 2020s, the newly-formed space industry helped get Moscova back on track with the rest of the countries. However, as its economy fell apart in the 2040s, the republic dissolved.


The government is a federal semi-presidential republic. Moscova has multiple political parties: the Moscova Liberal Party, the Bolshevik Communist Party and the Conservative Party.. The Liberal Party has by far the highest amount of votes, thanks to its reformist ideas, although the Conservative Party had breifly held power. The President in 2075 is Alexei Minarev, while the Prime Minister is Nikita Borozov.