Republic of Luna
Official languages English
Regionally recognised languages Spanish, Japanese, Polish, Dutch, Easy Chinese, Swedish, French and Lobjan

New Paris, New Rome

Tax 35%
Government Democratic Republic
Founding President Kenan Anderson
Official state religion Atheism
Establishment 2070
Currency Universal Credits
Currency Abbreviation UC
Anthem Peace for all!
International organisations United Nations


There are Five main Parties in the Republic of Luna, Conservative Party, Social-Democratic Party, Progressive-Democratic Party and the Democratic Republican Party which is the most powerful party on Luna


Cannabisis is ilegal in the Republic of Luna During the Decide act of 2071 when People Decided, any body who has Cannabisis is taken to trial or to Rehab depending on amount, McDonald's is the most popular Food Chain in Luna even if 70% of the Population are Vegetarians or Never Eaten Fast Food, Violent or Sexual Movies are Banned here and Family Guy, King of the Hill and Robot Chicken are Banned due to Racism and Sexual Moments during the Ban some Movies Act 2073, Disney and Neo Disney movies are Banned too, the only Studios not Banned are Galactic Studios, Dream Works Animation, Universal Century Fox, Pixar Animations, Marvel Studios and Sony Picture Animation Because Luna only allows peacefull Movies.


Ipad,iWatch,Ipod,Ultra High Defenition TV,iVaccum and Windows Programs are the Major Exports of Luna due to Specilization of Robotics in Luna.