Republic of Korea
Flag of Korean Republic
Motto: "Fear No Evil"
Anthem: "The Flag We Love" by Sung Suk Yi
Capital Pyongyang

39°2′N 125°45′E

Official languages None
National language Korean
Demonym Korean Republic, Greater Korea, North Korea
Government Federal presidential constitutional republic
 •  President Seong Jin Han
 •  Vice President Sung Hwan Yi
 •  Speaker of the Republic Hyun Dong Choi
Legislature Congress
 •  Upper house Senate
 •  Lower house House of Representatives

Independence from North Korea

 •  "The Split" April 17, 2019 
 •  Victory June 9, 2023 
 •  Treaty of Korea July 7, 2023 
 •  Order of Rights July 23, 2023 
 •  Total Area 120,540 km2 (98th)

46,528 sq mi

 •  Water (%) 4.87%
Currency Republic of Korea dollar ($) (RKD)
Date format YYYY, MM, DD
Drives on the right[e]
Calling code +850
ISO 3166 code ROK
Internet TLD .rk

The Republic of Korea (ROK) is a country located in East Asia. It is the result of North Korea losing the civil war against its own people, starting the day after the Assassination of Kim Jong Un. The government of the ROK is heavily based on the United States of America with a president. Its closest allies the USA and South Korea, who helped them win the war.

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