Republic of China
 Republic of China (also known as China) is the name of a country located in Southeast Asia. China is the world's second largest power and one the few truly democratic countries in Asia. 


Civil War

In 2017, an insurgency began in Southern China, allowing the resurrection of the Republic of China, which has been based in Taiwan since 1949. Liu Xiabo, a long outspoken critic of the Government of China, became the first President and Premier as well as leader of the Kuomintang. Xiabo set the standard for Chinese Governing during his Presidency, and helped implement the constitution, drafted in 1947 to govern the country. During the Stalemate, Xiabo began planning the economy of China based on Sun Yat-sen's Three Principles of the People, which also served as the governing doctorate for the country. Xiabo oversaw the victory of his forces in 2040, and began setting the path to rebuild his country.

Post-Civil War

Xiabo left office in 2021, and his successor, Xi Jinping, former leader of the Chinese Communist Party, began implementing his economic plans and packages, leading to an economic revival for China, despite remaining behind the United States. 


See Here [1]


Shanghai is the largest economic port in Southeast Asia, and was one of the major player in the civil war as it served as the city that fueled support for the Kuomintang to reclaim the Mainland. China has trade pacts with the United States and Europe. It is a full member of the United Nations and a member of the Security Council.

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