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Recycling materials and wastes will become more and more prominent in the future. This can be done through several fronts:


See main article: Efficiency

Items that have improved efficiency will help reduce the workload of recycling...


See main article: Effectiveness

Items with increased effectiveness are of two types: power and scale of application...

Item Longevity

See main article: Item Longevity

Items that can be used over and over again over the course of a longer period of time will be more useful and valuable in the long run...

Conservation and Sharing

See main article: Conservation

The more conservation and sharing, supposedly, the less the need to recycle...

Recycling Plants

See main article: Recycling Plants

Recycling will, as is now, be performed through the running of recycling plants. There will be a few changes, however...

Waste Disposal

See main article: Waste Disposal

Whatever wastes are not recycled must be disposed of. This can be done in several methods...

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