A recreational drug is a substance consumed for recreational purposes, as opposed to medical or spiritual purposes. Recreational drugs are illegal more often than not; for example, heroin, cocaine, and cannabis are all illegal at federal level in the US, but some drugs are legal, though usually only are legal at a certain age. Such as alcohol, dextromethorphan (DXM), caffeine and salvia.

Future of Recreational Drugs

The future of recreational drugs will depend on the general political orientation of future society.

  • If society goes ultraconservative and becomes dominated by a draconian establishment, then all recreational drugs including alcohol will be banned eventually. Even caffeine will be suspect, and most people will switch to herbal teas. Viagra and new yet-to-be-discovered smart drugs both for mental and physical performance will only be obtainable under the most stringent conditions. Prohibition of drugs has not helped to stop drug use, and may even cause greater use; drug use has and may increase in all aspects [1]
  • If society goes liberal, then eventually all recreational drugs will be legalized on a non-pharmaceutical basis. However, a matriarchal society might ban alcohol because it causes violence to the user's body.

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