In 2110 Sadi Botox became the first person to be reborn. The American procedure involved an exact clone of the person to be created, then the earpiece implants, and, finally, using the earpiece implants to transfer the memories of the person into the clone's brain.

In 2206 the first rebirth in Britain was carried out. Like the American procedure, the British procedure involved an exact clone of a person being created and all of the original persons memory being downloaded into the clones brain via there earpods.
Holli 2

British President Holli Tyler

President Holli Tyler was the first Person in Britain be reborn but the procedure remains rare due to its cost (£ Billion +).

The process of rebirth hereby extended a persons life and could in theory create immortal beings, but the procedure was so expensive that it was only usually carried out a maximum of twice.

The bodies of these rebirth clones were created to the age of 18 yearolds and the persons age was reset as such. Take for instance a 80 year old who was reborn, there age would be registered as "18-(2G)".

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