Nuclear War of 2019

  • U.S. President Mike Huckabee declares war with Islam and the Middle East June 1
  • U.S. nukes Baghdad on June 3
  • China, siding with the Middle East, nukes San Francisco, New York City and Houston
  • Millions of refugees are forced to relocate at least 175 miles from the cities they came from
  • U.S. retaliates by nuking Beijing, Hong Kong and Shanghai
  • China is unable to respond due to all of its important leaders being killed, a revolution installs a democracy for the eastern coast while the western part of the country dissolves in anarchy
  • In the U.S., groups that oppose the military actions begin raiding State Capitols and establishing temporary independent governments in Kansas, Montana, Florida, New York and Oregon
  • An unknown person (likely a Middle East operative) hacks the U.S. missile system (non-nuclear) and destroys Paris France, London England, Rome Italy, Oslo Norway, Moscow Russia, Barcelona Spain, Buenos Aires Argentina, Rio de Janeiro Brazil, Toronto Canada, Chicago IL, Atlanta GA, Cincinnati OH, New York, NY
  • After the attacks, remaining world leader's order new small nations to develop and give the world a clean slate

New Nations Edit

North America

New England (US States of ME, NH, VT, MA, CT, RI, NY, NJ) First President/Leader- Bernie Sanders

  • Economy mostly based on trade and farming
  • Extremely welcome to refugees
  • Government is a Parliamentary system, with the Prime Minister being former U.S. Sen. Bernie Sanders
  • Controls only Trans-Atlantic Airport in the Americas, Boston Logan
  • Population of 29,125,084 (includes refugees who plan to stay permanently)

Confederate States of America