Psychotic Nervous-Respiratory Disease or PNSD is a Viral disease that causes acute cell decay in the brain and respiratory problems. Early symptoms include severe coughing, dry throat, pharynglitis (sore throat), intense sweating and fever. In later stages as the disease progresses to the brain at first affecting the frontal lobe. This stage, also known as the prelininary psycotic stage, can decrease fear in the individual, lead to loss of empathy and increased risk taking as well as a lack of impuse control. As the disease entres the third stage acute psychosis. Intense hallucinations and delusions are usually acompanied by defiance of authority,intense dysphoria, alzheimers, odd/magical thinking, depression and/or mania, aggression and anger. As this stage progresses it is often acompamied by mass cell death, brain death and hemoraging

The fatality rate with medical treatment is close to 99% after the first symptoms appear. Before signs of the disease appear it is fully treatable with anti-viral medication, but detection is hard without a full medical examination by licenced professionals. 

The disease is spread from mammal to mammal by microscopic virus cells in human precipitation from the mouth and sweat glands. It first appeared in Great Apes in Nebraska Centre for Vaccine resarch. The Apes that had been shipped in from Central Africa, began showing signs of illness over two weeks into their stay. The disease was first mistaken for Rabies and at the start of the 2017 Outbreak the Media and many scientists specualted it was a respiritory form of Rabies which was later disproven.

PNSD killed over 5.5 Billion people in the 2017 outbreak and continues to plague many areas of the world, especially the Eastern United States and musch of Eastern Asia.

Signs and Symptoms

The period between infection and flu like symptoms can be 3-4 weeks, during this period normal sneezing and coughing can spread infection.

Death after the first sign of symptoms usually sits between 3 days to 2 weeks. Unliike Rabies, PNRD usually decreases saliva production and almost never leads to paralysis or a fear of water. Psychotic symptoms can be mild alterations of concious like Paranoia and a loss of sense of self to full blown Scizophrenia and Bipolar like symptoms (including negative symptoms usually observed in Scizophrenia.)

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