In the present (2013), Psychiatry is a clumsy quasi-science that attempts by trial and error to fix problems of the mind. It is a particular development of modern society, particularly from the 1950s and onward and has not always existed. Prior to Pyshciatry there were more and less cruel or equitable treatment for what we today call "mental illness". At present Psychiatry has broadened its scope of what counts as "mental illness", particularly in its easy and over-diagnosis of depression and anxiety. However the drugs that are offered to cure these 'illnesses', SSRI's (Selective Serotonin Re-uptake Inhibitors) tend to have a low efficacy or low ability to make people no longer be depressed or anxious. The effects of these drugs are often a trick (psychosomatic) where the patient believes they are getting better just because they are being told so by their doctor.

In the future there is a hypothesis that psychiatric drugs might get better and actually work. This includes actually creating sustained emotional highs and ridding people of the emotions of shyness and anxiety. However there tends to be a conspiracy also of the need for human beings to suffer and not be liberated or freed. This hypothesis is stated in popular film The Matrix, where Agent Smith states that human beings marked trait is their ability and need to suffer. Agent Smith proposes that a world without suffering is incomprehensible to the human brain because of its so-called 'primitive' structure. The original Matrix, (which is explained as a virtual prison for the human mind created by robots to keep humans enslaved), pain was originally eliminated and robots created a utopian dream for humans to live in. However, the robots discovered that humans kept waking up from this perfect dream and could not recognise a painless world as reality for a long period of time. This is supposedly because of the human hard-wiring towards sentience, pain and suffering. Therefore The Matrix was altered to appear like a late-modern late-20th century society, with all its banality, repetition, futility and suffering.

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