Provisional American Administration
2012 –
Flag of the United States of America Canada
Cheyenne Mountain
coming soon
Joint US/Canadian Claims .
Capital Cheyenne Mountain Operations Center (Provisional)
Official language English
State ideology American Unionism
Government Military Bicameral Presidency
Commander in Chief (US)
- 2014-
President pro tempore
Michele Obama
Commander in Chief (CN)
- 2012–
Governor General
Peter Gordon MacKay
Area 100 sq mi
Population 9,000 (est.)
Currency US Dollar/Canadian Pound


In 2011 the US relocated the surviving members of government to the Cheyenne Mountain Operations Center in Colorado Springs. The Facility was considered to be one of the safest places on Earth, and the most effective at allowing the US to govern while the flu was still on. Shortly after the Americans had arrived, what was left of the Canadian government arrived as well, led by Minister of Defense Peter Gordon MacKay, who had assumed the role of commander in chief of the Canadian armed forces. A year after the US had arrived President Barrack Obama had succumb to leukemia, which he been diagnosed with in early 2011. With Vice President Biden and most of the cabinet Dead, the first lady of the United States, Michele Obama was stood in for her husband's until the provisional elections of 2012. Michele enacted a policy of coalition governance that her husband was unwilling to peruse and in 2012 was elected the first President Pro tempore of the United States until the country could be restored. Since that time the PAA has been working non stop to find a cure for the flu and work with what they perceive as provisional governments to rebuild the former US and Canadian nations. The efforts have so far been in vain, gaining support from only the few American Unity Party members in various nations.

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