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These are the Provinces of the European Union along with their territorial dependencies. Some territories would not join the Union until later on.


  • The United Kingdom and Ireland both left the European Union in 2016.
  • The Admission dates are based on the formation of the country as opposed to the union's current incarnation.

Administrative Districts


Country Name Capital  Admisison Dates
2000px-Flag of Austria.svg  Austria Vienna 2020
Flag of Bulgaria.svg  Bulgaria Sofia 2020
2000px-Flag of Catalonia.svg  Catalonia Barcelona 2020
2000px-Flag of the Czech Republic.svg   Czech Province Prague 2020
Flag of Denmark.svg  Denmark Copenhagen 2020
2000px-Flag of Estonia.svg  Estonia Tallinn 2020
Flag of Finland.svg  Finland Helinski 2020
Flag of Flanders.svg  Flanders Antwerp 2021
Flag of France.svg  France Paris 2020
Flag of Germany.svg  Germany Berlin 2020
Flag of Greece.svg  Greece Athens 2021
Flag of Hungary.svg  Hungary Budapest 2020
2000px-Flag of Italy.svg  Italy Rome 2020
Flag of Latvia.svg  Lativa Riga 2020
2000px-Flag of Lithuania.svg  Lithuania Vilnius 2020
2000px-Flag of Luxembourg.svg  Luxembourg Luxembourg 2020
Flag of Malta.svg  Malta Valetta 2020
2000px-Flag of Monaco.svg  Monaco Monaco 2025
2000px-Flag of Norway.svg  Norway Oslo 2040
2000px-Flag of the Netherlands.svg  Netherlands Amsterdam 2020
2000px-Flag of Poland.svg  Poland Warsaw 2020
Flag of Portugal.svg  Portugal Lisbon 2020
2000px-Flag of Romania.svg  Romania Bucharest 2020
2000px-Flag of San Marino.svg San Marino San Marino 2050
2000px-Flag of Slovakia.svg  Slovakia Bratislava 2020
2000px-Flag of Slovenia.svg  Slovenia Ljubljana 2020
2000px-Flag of Spain.svg  Spain Madrid 2020
Flag of Sweden.svg  Sweden Stockhlom  2020
Flag of Ukraine.svg  Ukraine  Kiev 2020
Flag of Wallonia.svg  Wallonia Namur 2020


District Name City
2000px-Flag Belgium brussels.svg  Capital District Brussels

Territories and Dependencies

Name Captial Province
Flag of Åland.svg  Åland Marriehamn Finland
2000px-Flag of the Faroe Islands.svg  Faroe Islands Tórshavn Denmark
2000px-Flag of Norway.svg  Svalbard Bokmål Norway