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I think Europe (Nations of the EU) should become United in say 2050.I also think the democratic Taiwanese will merge with China which will become democratic in 2040.In 2035,South Korea will conquer North Korea.In 2080,these two nations will unite into the East Asian Federation,which is Japan joins in 2090 and Mongolia joins in 2140 as well as the Russian Far East in 2190.Russia will collapse in 2180 and European Russia except Moscow which will become will become part of Europe.The Falklands and southernmost South America will become the Republic of Fire.Western Siberia becomes part of Europe in 2230.Eastern Siberia and Kamchatka will join the East Asian Federation in 2260.The United States of America will unite with Canada as the Union of North America in 2110.Mexico and Central America will fall to North America in 2270.Southeast Asia joins East Asia in 2240.Cuba,Hispaniola,and the Bahamas will merge into the Caribbean Confederation which will annex the entire caribbean and Venezuela.Brazil,Gran Columbia,Peru,Rio de la Plata,and the Caribbean will join together into the South American Confederation in 2380.Guyana,Suriname,and French Guyana will join South America in 2400.Kurdistan will annex Persian Kurdistan,Syrian Kurdistan,and Turkish Kurdistan.Australia will annex Indonesia,New Zealand,Polynesia,The Pacific Islands,East Timor,Papua,and the Malays in 2350.In 2370,Malaysia and Singapore join East Asia.Saudi Arabia annexes the UAE,Oman,Yemen,Iraq,Western Iran,Syria,and Turkey in 2420 and becomes the Saudi Caliphate (Arabia).Israel annexes Sinai,Jordan,Gaza,and the West Bank.Iceland falls to Europe in 2450 as well as Greenland and the Arctic Isles.-Epic(Unfinished)

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