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The 2010s begin on January 1, 2010 until 11:59:59 pm December 31, 2019.

The decade was punctuated by the Great Revival of 2012 that occurred in North America, Europe and the Middle East.

the Great Revival's CausesEdit

The Great Revival was unintentionally started by Glenn Beck whom was constantly advocating for the 'revival' of

John-117 in Halo 4

Faith, Hope, Love, and Charity which are the basic Christian principles. The talk show host's popularity spurred the movement in many Christian Churches to begin to actively go out into the community and preach the word of God, not just sit in Church for an hour and then go out for brunch and forget everything the pastor has just said. Also during this time yet entirely unrelated was the release of Halo 4.

The Great Revival began mostly in Orlando, FL out of the Pine Castle United Methodist Church which had been rocked by the leaving of their former pastor Blake Lorenz (who was later involved with the Rifqa Bary affair). Their new temporary pastor Rev. Jim George stayed until October 31, 2010 and then passed the torch down to his son Rev. Scott George.

Rev. Scott George began to preach on the Book of Job in May, 2012 when Saudi Arabia was forced to stop exporting oil as they needed it to be used in their tanks to crush a rebellion. The affect of this stop in flow caused the price of a gallon of oil to rise to an unprecedented $9.00 and forced many to buy the newly realised Solar line from Ford which was mostly powered from electricity and had solar panels on the roof, or find other forms of transport such as biking, walking or in extreme cases, horse and buggy. This fuel shortage actually help ford as its Solar line was so high in demand they could ask for astronomical prices for the cars, this helped them emerge as one of the most wealthy businesses right behind Macy's.

The rise in price of oil affected many companies as well as plastics were now costing huge amounts of money to manufacture and some began to use wood or metals. Plastic water bottles almost became an archaic symbol of the past during this time as their production was lowered by almost 70% as the way they're being manufactured is more and more complicated to preserve plastic.

Because of all these terrible things his preaching on the Book of Job was highly appropriate as the man whom it speaks of lost all his cattle, servants, camels, horses, children, and health in the same day, but was restored seven-fold by God for remaining faithful to him. Rev. Scott George preached about how as Christians they shouldn't live as the rest of the world but live different and holy. His words were not only words he also worked diligently at the church's thrift store, often the called the Little House, and at the food bank that he had founded where medical aid, short of surgery (although there was one exception that involved a pen, a sharpie, a Rabbi, a bowl of sushi and a toy plane, but that's another story), was provided along with food and water.

The Effect of His WordsEdit

His congregation began to really change during this time of discord and strife. As the crime rates went higher and higher (nearly 23 and 1/2 murders, 54 suicides, and an attempt on the Mayor's life had occurred in Orlando alone in one day) they appeared to be doing the opposite and help others, they began to also preach out in their schools against the growing violence and hatred towards Christians in their schools where people were afraid to even go into the restrooms as people had been raped and nearly beat to death in them, they began to speak out in their workplaces against similar crimes with which the Orlando Police Department had no time to solve and at one point even adopted a "No Murder, No Time" policy ([that phrase was brought to you by yours truly Bobalugee1940 06:28, April 2, 2011 (UTC) and is copyrighted]) which basically meant that if you weren't killed they didn't have enough time for you. But the real turning point in the city, and really the whole nation, was when a member of the PCUMC, Christopher Smith, was beat to death at his High School by a group of seniors who were heavily Anti-Christian. They asked him whether he was a Christian or not at which he said yes he was, they then told him they would beat him to death if he didn't renounce Christ. He soundly refused and the seniors began to beat him and he refused to fight back. They continued to pummel him until his nose had been broken and his face nearly unrecognizable, they asked him if he would renounce his 'puny, dead Jesus' now, once again he refused and they beat him till he died but right before he was killed all of witnesses, even his murders, report that he said right before his life left his body "I forgive you." and then died looking into the shocked faces of the seniors.

This incident was changed the nation forever as they had now seen what a Christian should be in the hardest of times. They were shown that in spite of what they had been taught that Christians weren't fun-hating, racist, fear-mongers but average people like you and me. They were shown that even though the Christians that they knew might of been the opposite of what they were commanded to do this was not always the case and what they were commanded to do wasn't to hate everything fun but to live a life blame-less, to forgive your enemy and stand up for your morals even to the point of death.

The Great Revival Goes into Full SwingEdit

After the Christopher Smith Incident huge numbers of people began to flock to churches across the nation to see if what this child died for was worth living for.

Surprisingly very few turned away from the church with those that did either forgetting about it and putting it off as a stupid idea or having what the Pastor said about purity eating away at them until they try their best to live pure yet for some reason not being satisfied.

During the time directly after the incident the President himself prayed in front of the entire world asking God to protect and comfort the family of the deceased. This act shocked most of the world as in the highly sterilized, political-correctness politicians especially did not mention their religious views or pray on live television. The President's press core was so highly concerned with the President praying that one even called non-Christian groups and apologized for the incident. He was fired the next day and the President said on T.V. that he wasn't sorry if anyone was offended.

The Christian church began to grow by a rate not seen since St.Paul the Apostle. Huge number flocked into churches ad Pastors continued to preach not only the 'good word' but also that they should live pure and gave practical examples of how to live pure. By March 3, 2015 Christianity accounted for more then 95% of America's population.

Soon Publix was once again closed on Sunday and by July 4, 2018 the last store in America (Wal-Mart) that was open on Sundays announced it would close on Sundays.

By that time the Great Revival had spread to Europe and had up-rooted many Priest and Pastors who weren't living what they preached and even had the Pope say how "Marvelous it is to look out o'er the hills and plains of Europe and to see the children of God act as they were commanded to...". And by September 16, 2017 more then 97% of Europe's population was Christian.

Even in Israel and the Jordan it was seen that the Christians were acting better then the native Muslim people who had the threat of 'Counting Angels' hanging o'er their head while the Christians were promised eternity no matter how screwed up they were. Soon the Great Revival spread throughout the up-heaved Middle East in all lands except for Saudi Arabia who strengthened her anti-Christian laws and now punished the belief with beheading.

Iraq's population along with Iran, Jordan, Lebanon, Syria, Oman, Israel, and Bahrain by August 7, 2016 50% of their population was Christian, a thought unthinkable just 6 years earlier. The Islamic republics of the Middle East collapsed under the pressure from the 'Christian Horde' as the Saudi Arabian King once called them. But now a Christian world was well on its way to becoming reality but major test would still come before if this is ever to be true.


This time period lasts from January 1, 2020 until 11:59:59 pm on December 31, 2100.

This time period is often called the Christian Era and is punctuated by a huge number of Christians upon planet Earth and of technological advances.

The Great Revival continued to spread through-out the planet and eventually created very large Christian communities on every nation on Earth even Saudi Arabia.

Golden Age of ManEdit

This great change in moral standing came at a cost to many industries. PETA which was famous for its racy ads was forced to entirely change their style of advertisement. The pornography industry collapsed almost over-night as the morals of the world was forced to do a 180. Hollywood learned the hard way that sex no longer sells. In the movie Countdown it featured many scantily clad women and one 15 minute long scene with entirely nude women. The movie didn't even break the $250,000 mark as barely any one saw it except for perhaps a few people with nothing else to do.

Soon the world's media and people began to look more like the 1950s with many women now covering themselves more and teenage pregnancy became an archaic symbol of the Atheistic Era (1900-2010) along with most recreational drugs, with a notabe esception of marijuana which was legalized in 2021.

Many saw this as the beginning of a new era of man. Law suits were being filed less and less until 2034 when they were only seen as a way to see what the legality of an issue is. Soon lawyers had to compete for clients as so few law suits were being filed they'd be lucky to get one every 6 months. Police departments still had the psychotic to contended with and the 'man who strangled the man 'cause he wouldn't shut up' but were otherwise entirely free with their time to the point of having to install wide screen T.V.s and X-Box 720s in the police stations for purely recreational use. As well as most of the progressive media such as MSNBC, ABC, NBC, MPR, etc. had totally collapsed under heavy pressure to stop critisizing the American public. The Golden Age of Man seemed to have came at last. Until the war began.

Nuclear JihadEdit

Saudi Arabia was the final Islamic nation on Earth and by now was collapsing after paralyzing rebellions but they had finally decided enough was enough on September 11, 2036. They had been stock piling nuclear weapons since 2012 and were now ready to use them. The Saudis launched 15 nuclear missiles at the 'Christian Heathens'. The city of Rome was destroyed along with Marseilles, Berlin, New York, Boston, Los Angeles, Paris, Madrid, Tehran, Baghdad, Moscow, Athens, Kiev, Richmond, and Washington DC. The Saudi Army then invaded Kuwait and captured the nation in less then a month then pushed into Iraq and rolled into the ruined city of Baghdad.

The NATO treaty was used for only the second time. All NATO nations declared war on Saudi Arabia. Russia and the former Warsaw Pact nations did as well. American B-52s were finally used for its intended purpose and dropped nuclear weapons in the cities of Sultan and Riydah completely annihilating the cities. Nuclear missiles from America struck the Saudi armored corps and destroyed any chance for any more offensives. But the Saudis had some more tricks up their sleeves.

15 Nuclear missiles were launched at NATO nations.Tallahassee, Providence, Coventry, Orlando, Dallas, Quebec, Warsaw, Vienna, Venice, Mexico City, London, Dublin, Amsterdam, Brussels, and Paris
Nuclear fireball

the destruction of Providence, USA

was hit with high-grade nuclear warheads provided by the former USSR which killed almost everyone in those cities if not from the blast or the fires then by radioactivity of these bombs which were specially designed to be 'dirty'. Now NATO truly retaliated.

33% of NATO's nuclear stockpile was used against the Saudis. Saudi Arabia was turned into a nuclear wasteland. Much of the sand around major population centers was turned to glass by the intense heat of the warheads. Almost the entire population of Saudi Arabia was turned into nuclear ashes as the world was shown what would happen if you messed with NATO.

United States of ChristendomEdit

After the Saudi-NATO War many Christians felt closer then ever as large populations of Christians had been wiped in the war by the Saudi Nuclear Strikes and their entire religion had been threatened with nuclear holocaust. Many now began to call for the Christians of the world to united into a single nation in-case any threat comes once more against the Christian religion.

The first politicians to endorse the creation of a Christian state was United States Speaker of the House, Durrel Austin Johnson. He publicly advocated the creation often on live television and was an excellent speech maker and often was able to sway public opinion. Even Glenn Beck who used to be heavily anti-globalistic began to talk about a Christian State in a good way. Soon the idea became one of the most talked about things on the media and even the last progressive media out-let CNN. Even the Pope got into the fray about and called for the nation to be created and on September 22, 2040 he got his wish.

United States of Christendom

The world after the signing of the Treaty of the Basilica and the Treaty of Tokyo

All of the nations who had significant Christian populations attended the meeting in the repaired St Peter's Basillica in the Vatican City. The Treaty of the Basilica (Latin: Tractatus Basilica ) was signed on that day after nearly 2 months of debate o'er how the new nation should operate. The world maps were forever redrawn as the United States of Christendom was established.

Also during this time the Treaty of Tokyo was signed dividing Asia into the Republic of Asia and the Empire of Japan.

The Government of the United States of ChristendomEdit

How the new nation would be run was one of the largest debates in the signing of the treaty. Many called for a democratic nation while others called for them to find the line of David and have him anointed King. But then Durrel Austin Johnson stepped forth and gave a solution.

The Pope would be the head of the new nation. The individual states would have the Pope appoint a Cardinal to be its Governor while inside of the state it would be divided into Counties which would then democratically elect their Praefectus Diaconus (Deacon Governor). Praefactus Diaconus's could send a request to the Pope for which Cardinal to become their Praefectus Cardinalis (Cardinal Governor ).

The Praefactus Diaconus in a State would act as a Legislature for the Praefectus Cardinalis and would have to approve of any of his acts except when a state of emergency is declared by the Pope.

The Unification of the ChurchesEdit

The fact that all of Christendom had been united under the banner of the Pope frightened many Protestant churches who urgently sent him letters asking what would happen to their churches as their congregations feared that the Pope would take revenge against the humiliation of the church by Martin Luther.

In response to this the Pope issued the Decretum Indulgentiae ( Decree of forgiveness ). The Decretum Indulgentiae said that all crimes against the Catholic Church would be forgiven and that hence forth all the churches would be combined into the Holy Catholic Church. The Decretum Indulgentiae also said that a commission would be made up of the Cardinals to see what protestant practices would be accepted into the 'new' church. The Cardinals came up with the Regulae Clericis (Rules for the Clergy) which said that the practices of protestantism would be accepted if swore to follow these things:

I) I will preach the Good News to all of the sons of man.

II) I will accept that Jesus Christ was God come in the flesh and that he died on the cross to forgive me of all my sins. That he rose from the dead three days later then asecended into heaven after that to prepare a place for all of man in heaven. That all of man is saved by faith in the Lord Jesus Christ not by works. That he will return one day to judge the quick and the dead of the sons of man. That Jehovah is the only true deity.

III) I swear allegiance first to the Holy Trinity then to the Pope.

IV) I will use the Catholic names for all the Saints.

V) I renounce all ideas that say that the idea of a Pope is a bad thing.

VI) I renounce all ideas that say that the idea of a Saint or the cannonization of a Saint is a bad thing.

VII) I will accept that Purgatory exists as a place for those who have never heard the good news yet believed there was a god(s). That they are kept in Purgatory for 120 years all the while being taught of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and if at the end of the 120 years still do not believe in him they shall be sent for an eternity to the Lake of Fire.

VIII) If I fail to up hold this oath may my blood turn to fire, my heart to molten salt and my soul be sent to Purgatory for 222,000 years. Amen.

All current Clergy, Bishops, etc. were forced to swear this oath or lose their position even the Pope was made to say it, which he did on national television. Many Baptist in the sunbelt of America refused to take this oath and ran to the hills of West Virginia or to the vastness of the great plains where they set up in secret their Baptist churches. Any part of the Clergy that refused to take this oath was removed from their job and told they could return to their church as soon as they took oath, which many who didn't initially do, never did.

The oath was also forced upon those coming out of seminary and during their graduation have to say the oath. The Holy Catholic Church was now the only official Christian Church in the world as even those outside of Christendom took the oath.

During this transitional period of the Catholic Church taking complete control many congregations were split on the issue. Some believed that now a unified church could easily get more things done and now had abolished the squabbling of the many denominations to a thing of the past just like teenage pregnancy and alcoholism. Others saw it as a way for the Catholics to push all the opposition away before re-instating the inquisition or antisemitic propaganda.

The Christian-Asian WarEdit

The era of peace throughout the world didn't last very long as on December 25, 2043, two years after the Regulae Clericis was issued, the Republic of Asia announced that Christianity was illegal in all of its lands and that any one who was caught being a Christian and didn't renounce Christ would be killed because then they could not "Infect any more good honest Asian with their hate filled lies.".

Asian police busted down the doors of churches and homes and dragged the people out into the street where they were then asked to renounce Christ and if they didn't they were shot in broad day-light. Many Asian Christians refused to renounce Christ and were shot the death toll climbed to almost a million by the end of the first month. Japan and the USC condemned Asia's actions as intolerable and devilish. But their words could not stop bullets and soon the death toll was nearly two million by the end of the third month.

They knew from Adolf Hitler that this was not going to stop diplomatically and the Pope declared war against the Republic of Asia with the College of Cardinal's blessings on April 5, 2044.

The USAF hit the Asian cities of Hong Kong, Taipei, and Hanoi from its bases in the Philippines. The US Army invaded Asia on two front, Siberia and Pakistan. They made advances into Mongolia and India as the USAF tore into Asian defensive lines and obliterated the now antique F-22 Raptors that they had acquired from the United States along with M1 Abrams tanks in return for the forgiveness of their debt in 2017.

The Christian forces had the newest F-29 Falcons that were virtually invisible to radar and almost impossible to lock onto as their radar signal that one would see is about the size of a common housefly. Also they had nearly no fuel problems as most of the oil in the world was in their hands and also they had engines that have an average of 70 mpg around town and nearly 150 on the autobahns and also incorporated batteries that could run the vehicle with no fuel for almost 24 hours, making the fossil fuel crisis of the 20th Century a non-problem as the Vatican researches better and cheaper engines.

Even with these technological achievements victory was going to be a hard fought thing as Asia had nearly 2/3 of the world's population and had conscription instituted. The Christian Army made it to New Delhi on June 12, 2044. They had fought valiantly through the massive number of Asian soldiers but now an entirely different battle was fought at New Delhi. A kind of vicious warfare not seen since Stalingrad nearly 100 years before. The soldiers fought in every street, every house, every shop. Soon the city is awash in blood and death and nothing is safe. The roads are paved with IEDs and soon a bloody scene turns to a picture out of Dante's Inferno.

But by August 3, 2044 the battle is won for the Christians who then continue to roll on into former Bangladesh by September, Nepal by October and, Laos and Cambodia by November. The Asians are forced to retreat again and again and the death toll from the fighting reaches nearly five million soldiers and civilians dead. The Asians pull out their final trick.

Chemical weapons are launched from Asian MLRSs into Christian lines. The effect is immediate. The Christian troops are blinded and choked by the mustard and chlorine gas. Soldiers race to pull on their gas masks as they quickly realise there was not enough as they had thought that the Asians had done away with their chemical weapons. But even through this the Christian forces fought back. Chemical weapons were launched from the Mongolian front into Beijing, Shanghai, and other populous cities. While from the Southern Front weapons were launched into the Red Army troops who fell in droves. The USAF began dropping chemical bombs instead of high explosives. Soon the war became a chemical blood bath.

The former Russian spec-ops group Spetznaz was even called in at one point as they were para-dropped into Vietnam, Indonesia, and Tibet. They fought better then any one on the Allied side of the Cold War ever thought they could as they single handedly killed almost 33,000 soldiers but soon the Asians just called in heavy artillery and chemical strikes and killed them. The war had become a stale-mate and now they needed a way to stop a repeat of the western Front in WWI. The Vatican opened the top secret Project: Crusader.

The project was to create an armour for infantry that could allow to carry extremely heavy loads and to with stand heavy small arms fire. The project was initially delayed as a usable energy source was not available but they found the answer in something that had been eluding man for a huge amount of time. No it was not perpetual motion but cold fusion.

The first cold fusion experiments in the mid 1900s had been riddled with problems, but now 2045 years after the birth of Christ the answer was found. Cold Fusion was finally made possible and with the top Vatican scientist and electronic and physics experts from all of Christendom gathered to create one. The first cold fusion cell was nearly 347 pounds but after months of tinkering it was reduced to only 22 pounds. The scientist watched with ecstacy as the 22 pound cold fusion cell powered the entire city of Sacramento as it was hooked into the mainframe and all other power sources turned off. The cell powered the city with ease and they hooked one up to the Tennessee Valley Authority and was amazed as it powered the entire Tennessee Valley.


the T-45 armour at the Forward Operating Base in Mongolia

Limitless energy was now theirs but before civilians looked at the cell Vatican authorities took the cells from Sacramento and the Tennessee Valley as they wanted no-one to know of its existence out-side of the military and the government. They quickly implement it into their power armour as the first functional prototype is created with out standing results and soon the power armour is accepted by the College of Cardinals and is sent to the Siberian Front where they are first tested.

The T-45 armour's trial in Siberia is a major success as the T-45 didn't.

A) freeze

B) explode

C) get destroyed by small arms fire

D) inhibit agility majorly.

The fact that the T-45 worked magnificently was a surprise even to its creators as they expected some sort of problem to arise that they did not see but this is not so. In fact the armour worked so well that the Siberian Division requested more of the power armours as fast as possible.

The new T-45 armour was a surprise to the Asians as the first T-45 armours had not been reported as the Asian soldiers been killed so quickly that they had no time to report the new armour. But the Asians soldiers told stories of ghosts who would kill entire army camps in the dead of night, these stories were not investigated by Asian authorities. But on September 22, 2046 they wished they had.

On that day Operation: Longsword began. The entire Siberian and Southern front suddenly surged forward with the new T-45 armour. The armoured heavy infantry acted as shock troopers who o'er ran the Asian lines and killed
T-45 battle

T-45 armour being used in Tibet

countless Asian troops. Soon the entire Asian army was in a full rout. The Christian forces didn't give any quarter. They continued to chase the Asians over the Tibet mountains where they were helped by Tibetan Revolutionaries and Tibetan Christians.

The Siberian front had been almost more successful as the T-45's had en-circled the Asian forces and forced them to surrender. The T-45's then continued into the Chinese plains and began closing on Beijing and the coast. The Asian armies now fell back in fear of the new metal monstrosities as only one had been killed by a direct mortar strike against his head.

The Asians now fell into dis-organized retreat as people in Beijing were gunned down during protests. Now the people of Asia rose up against their government and stormed the Forbidden Palace where the President lived. They killed him and his guards and elected a new President. The new President Hau accepted the Christians terms for unconditional surrender. The Christian military took control of what was left of Asia with relative ease as only the most

fireworks over the capital city of Rome

loyal troops to the old regime continued the fight which wasn't really a fight any more for them as they simply sent T-45 heavy infantry and squashed them as ant on the bottom of their boots. The terrible war was finally over and all the world rejoiced.

The Writing on the WallEdit

The Empire of Japan was now in a position where it could easily be run over by this new super state, the United States of Christendom, as now they had the Christian military on their front door-step in Korea.

The Emperor of Japan saw the writing on the wall and asked the Pope for a meeting in Byzantium (formerly Istanbul) on July 12, 2050. The meeting was about the annexation of Japan into the USC. The Emperor's terms was that Japan would have no Praeactus Cardinalis but instead the Emperor of Japan and his descendants would hold that title. The Pope agreed and the Second Treaty of the Basilica was signed in Rome by the Japanese Emperor (after receiving the O.K. from
Catholic World

World map after the Second Treaty of the Basilica

the Japanese Congress two months later), and the Pope. The Empire of Japan was then officially annexed into the United States of Christendom. The world was now united into into one nation, the United States of Christendom.


The USC was now in full control over all of the Earth's resources human and mineral. Christendom now looked sky-wards. The National Aeronautics and Space Administration had been kept from the Americans along with Europe's version, Russia's Version, and Asia's Version all working independently of each other but now the Vatican united them into the National Space Administration Bureau. This new entity unified all the knowledge of the previous departments and put them into one place where they could more easily use all of humanity's combined knowledge to further humanity's place in the universe.
Christian Flag 2

The Flag of the United States of Christendom

Unfortunately on July 2, 2051 the Pope died. His successor was chosen and announced on August 14, 2051 as Pope Zealous I who was the second Polish pope. Pope Zealous I then announced that the official flag of the USC would be the Christian flag.

The Vatican also unified the national detective agencies into the Interstate Police Department or InterPol for short. The other agencies had been united by this time and by October 3, 2051 all of the former national departments had been unified into one department. Here's a short list of the major departments:

Department of Science

Department of Education

Department of Civil Defense

Department of the Military

Department of Agriculture

Department of Religion

Department of Commerce

Department of Espionage

The unifying of so many people into groups like these were only a few of the things that really consolidated the Vatican's firm yet fair grip on the world without having to use force. One of the major things that really consolidated their togetherness and unity was the new culture that was rising from the ashes of a segmented world. The moral standards had put many of the 'hard rock' and 'metal' bands out of business as many no longer wanted to hear about killing and debauchery. But a different kind of music rose up to take their place a type very familiar to what we know as Rock and Roll.

Elvis and Bill Haley became some of the most listened to musicians in the world with an estimated 4.2 billion people listening to him regularly. But one only has so much music that they can listen to from the past so many started to create their own versions of the songs to 'mix things up a little', soon they started creating whole new songs out of the 1950s style music. Often this style was called Retro Rock or just simply Rock and Roll.

The new music seemed to bind people closer then ever as musicians are no longer forced to go through lengthy security checks, be afraid of copy-right theft in another nation that had different laws. The music in Japan and Korea was now the same as in Mexico and France. But some of the most creative peoples of that time was the Americans. they created almost 75% of all the new music being made and many considered them the hub of the new culture Modern-Retro that was emerging.

Space ExplorationEdit

Redstone, Mercury

The Mercury VII program's Atlas II rocket

During this time the NSAB launched the new line of manned space craft the Mercury VII which was taken directly from the old NASA's plans for the mercury program and created, improved then put into action. The new rocket was extremely cheap to launch as the nuclear fusion cell created all of the electricity needed. The only problem was fuel but that was easily solved as the unused oil fields in the former Saudi Arabia was used again for the program. The first rocket to be used was the Liberty. The Liberty reached Earth orbit in 15 minutes 32 seconds. The first mission stayed in orbit for three days before landing successfully in the Atlantic ocean off of Cape Canaveral.

Several improvements were made and the Atlas II rocket was created for the Mercury VII program. The second launch with the Atlas II reached Earth orbit in 10 minutes 52 seconds. The second mission stayed in Earth orbit for 7 days before landing off of Cape Canaveral. The project continued with the Defiant capsule, the Saint Peter capsule, the Enterprise capsule, the Pillar of Autum, and the Gettysburg. All the capsules were single use and they were named by their crews, but they were encouraged to give them serious names.

Often these missions stayed in orbit 7-12 days. These were mostly just orbits around the Earth with some scientific experiments being conducted. Also satellite repair often occurred and near the end of their mission they docked with the ISS and performed maintenence on the vessel.

Soon the Vatican was ready to move on and they fitted the capsule with retractable landing gear and the first people to land on the moon since the late 1900s landed there once more. Missions to the moon were carried out by the highly changeable Mercury VII capsule. Often these capsules had only 2-3 people on board as the capsule was only designed for that many. The lunar missions often did the same thing that the former Apollo missions did and brought many moon rocks back to Earth for study.

The Mercury VII program was continuing quicker then before as more and more missions were being done and soon they saw a new target. Mars.

New types of propulsion would be needed to be created so that they could get there at a much faster time. The new type of propulsion system was created utilizing the nearly unlimited energy given off by the fusion. The engine basically worked by the heat energy created from the fusion and channeled the heat energy into dissolved Americium and when the energy strikes the dissolved Americium it forces it along at tremendous speeds which then invokes Newton's Laws and forces the space craft forward. The new engine was called the Fusion Thruster.

The first Fusion Thruster was installed on the Mercury VII capsule Sic Semper Tyrannis which was slated to journey to Mars. The Sic Semper Tyrannis lifted off on September 22, 2061 exactly 15 years after Operation: Longsword. The space craft reached Earth orbit in 9 minutes 7 seconds, it broke Earth orbit at 15 minutes 51 seconds. It then fired the Fusion Thruster and began to excelerate at incredable speed as the heavy elements began to excelerate at faster and faster speeds as the fusion cell continued creating huge amounts of energy. The speed of their craft began to reach unprecedented speeds of 46,570.5 miles per second (one-fourth the speed of light). They made a straight shot at where the planet Mars would be and reached there at an amazingly short amount of time of 1 hour 24 minutes 12 seconds. The distance between the bodies of the solar system was now and forever changed as the Earth was with the invention of super-sonic flight. The universe just became a little smaller.

+ 1:47:34Edit

This time would immortalized as the first men to land on Mars landed on September 22, 2061. The first words uttered on Mars was a simple phrase "Caeli enarrant gloriam Dei." or in English "The heavens declare the glory of God." Christopher O'Donald was the first man on Mars followed by Richard Calhoun while Gerald McGee waited in the Sic Semper Tyrannis monitoring their vital signs before finally leaving at + 2:12:09 when Christopher O'Donald re-entered the capsule to monitor the others vitals.


the crowd in New York's Times Square

This moment was televised to the entire Earth as people in their homes watched with fascination and cheers of shouts and joy. People lined Times Square in New York not unike what happened at the end of WWII. Even the Pope celebrated the occasion with a pray of thanks to God and for safe travels back home.

The travelers lifted off at + 49:51:21 from the surface of Mars. They returned to Earth at + 51:12:34. They successfully splashed down in the Atlantic off of Cape Canaveral.


The Fusion Thruster allowed people to explore the solar system like never before and soon man landed on Io, Europa, Ganymede, Phobos, Deimos, and circled around the entire solar system out to the orbit of Pluto. The immense speeds that they traveled were unrivaled but they soon began to feel the walls of 1/4 light speed as the nearest star was four light years away and with only 1/4 light speed they would take 12 year to full reach Alpha Centauri and 12 years to return making the trip almost a fourth of a life time.

During this time the first permanent settlement on the Moon was settled in 2070 and named Terra Nova. Soon
Mars Commonwealth

Flag of the Mar Colony of Christendom. The seven stars symbolize the Mercury VII project and the basic design is that the first settlers were Americans.

settlements began to be built on Mars, Europa, a space station orbiting Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and two even orbiting the Sun itself one near the orbit of Mars and one circling right out-side the orbit of Pluto. The first human born on another planet was Faith-Anne O'Donald the grand-daughter of the first human on Mars.

By 2100 these settlements were beginning to mature as they entered their 30s.


This time period lasts from January 1, 2101 until 11:59:59pm on December 31, 2237

This time was punctuated by major technological advancements and an expansion of humanity.

The colonist on the other planets were often seen on Earth as pioneers and much like the settlers of the American west. One of the largest reasons that they were not seen as second rate citizens was because most of the colonist were either scientist or engineers. They often sent rocks and minerals back to Earth were they could be more acurately studied by machines on Earth. The Solar Close Orbiter (the one near the orbit of Mars while the Solar Far Orbiter is outside the orbit of Pluto) was also mostly populated by scientist and engineers and had one of the largest particle colliders in the entirety of humanity. The Solar Far Orbiter had one of the largest telescopes and was often looking out into space. The Lunar Colony was really the only one truly populated as a colony as many people from Earth left for the colony to get away from the near over-population of many cities.

Trans-Light EngineEdit

The first workable prototype for the trans-light engine was created on February 13, 2127 after nearly 31 years of research and study by John Frey and Thomas Aquinas Smythe.

The engine was created by the new invention of the gravitational distortion technology. The trans-light engine worked by compacting the space in front of an object and expanding it behind the space craft which then technicaly didn't move as it just sat in a bubble of space which was moving through other space faster then light. This principle design insured that the space-craft didn't invoke the general theory of relativity which ment that then if it traveled for one hour the world would only be an hour older not 200 years older.

Space Ship

SS Florida with Frey-Smythe Trans-Light Enigine being loaded

They created the Frey-Smythe Trans-Light Engine on February 21, 2127 and presented it to the College of Cardinals and Pope Zealous II via television from the Earth-Luna Orbiter when the Frey-Smythe Trans-Light Engine was installed aboard the SS Florida. When the ship engaged the trans-light engine it seemed to 'disappear' and at nearly the exact same time it arrived at Mars. Amazed at the new machine they immediately granted them a patent and asked them to instruct their engineers how to build one.

To boldly go where no man has gone before...Edit

The Frey-Smythe Trans-Light Engine was installed aboard many spacecraft and on March12, 2132 the SS Nina, SS Pinta, and the SS Santa Maria (yes they were named after Columbus's ships) embarked on the first ever trip out-side of the solar system. They engaged the trans-light engines 13,000 miles father from the sun then the Solar Far Orbiter. Then at +1:30:43 they arrived at Alpha Centauri. The first words in the system were "Truly with God all things are possible". They completed a single orbit around the system and began to to record scientific data before re-engaging the Frey-Smythe Engine and returning home. Once again man has pioneered into the great unknown.


Near-Star Map

The advent of trans-light travel released man from his cradle of the Sol system. They began to colonize other systems. They soon colonized all systems with-in five light-years, then ten light-years, then 15 light-years. communicating with each other through Trans-Light Communication devices. They then began to feel a lull in the expansion as for the first time in many, many centuries man began to have a problem. There simply weren't enough people. Even though they numbered in near the 175 billion mark they were reproducing at a slower rate then what had been in the past. Many settlements began to feel the strain as settlers stopped coming in and the new work force coming in was much smaller then the last time. Soon many places requiring mass employment were forced to use robotic workers to replace the workforce that is now dwindling. Whole farm towns began to vanish as the population dropped so low in some areas that the farm-hands couldn't possibly manage it and just simply moved on to either a smaller farm or to the city.

When the New York Times published the article "Underpopulation?" on July 30, 2173 the problem first began to be truly realised. The Vatican launched an investigation and Dr.Joseph O'Donald the great-great-great-grand son of Christopher O'Donald, the first man on Mars, discovered that the radiation from the nuclear fusion cells were escaping from the reactors, through materials such as lead and other dense material. The radiation then interacted with the human DNA and caused problems with the body such as decreased sperm production and the killing of a large amounts of the eggs to out right infertility. It also increased the likelihood of cancer and other things. His findings shocked most of the population as the fusion cells were now loved and loathed as humanity had incorporated them so much with the nearly unlimited power that removing them would be disastrous while the decrease in fertility of humans seemed to be leveling out at a lower rate then what used to be normal but was still manageable.

The Human continued to expand and soon small settlements were many planets throughout the space near the Sol System often setting up population centers in the arms of the galaxy where most of the stars and planets lyed. The official map of the USC was created by Admiral Sara Menendez.
MilkyWay-Map (Human)

The map of the United States of Christendom

SS EnterpriseEdit

The SS Enterprise was constructed exclusively for exploration, they were given the best weapons and best electronics as possible. It was launched on September 22, 2194 it then engaged its trans-light engines for their first voyage which they would try to travel to the other end of the galaxy and to stop off at the galactic core or any other abnormal feature and to return once the mission is over.

Technological Advances Until this TimeEdit

  • Gravitational Distortion - Works by distorting space-time and thus creating gravity or artificially 'disabling' gravity. The use of gravity bombs are now used as weapons of mass destruction were first created in 2119, 19 years after the invention of gravitational distortion. Gravitational Distortion tech in the 22nd Century gravity is manipulated much as the electromagnetic spectrum was in the 20th Century
  • Frey-Smythe Trans-Light Engine - you have already read about this in the section Trans-Light Engine so if you didn't read it go back and read it now. Don't worry I won't be offended.
  • Magnetic Accelerator Cannon - Commonly called the St.Peter's Fist. The MAC is often installed on ships in as an extremley powerful weapon, it is also used on a much smaller scale in land based artillery. The system is also put into space station circling planets of high importance, such as all of the planets in the Sol System and Alpha Centauri A and B.
  • Advanced Ceramics - The invention of ceramics is pretty old but in the 2100s it is advanced to near impervious levels in normal conditions. The most advanced ceramic, made by the USC Military exclusively, is Mytheral. Mytheral is able to withstand most bullet impacts up to a .70 caliber at point blank, heat up to, in short periods, 100,000 degrees farinheight, survive re-entry into a 1E (1 Earth Thinckness) Atmosphere, and able to survive 100 pounds of TNT explosion.
  • Electroic Warfare - Electronic warfare dates back to the late 1900s, in the 22nd Century though Electronic warfare is conducted through large discharges of electromagnetic forces. An ElctroMagnetic Missile is a commonly used ship to ship weapons that releases an extremley large EMP which often either disables some of the more intricate wiring for anywhere from a few minutes to a few hours until the back up systems can come on-line.
  • Artificial Intelligence - AI was first created (or born) on April 13, 2145. AI was originaly very... well ... honestly dumb. But the AI has been improved to about the average intelligence of a human but has been restricted to land based computers and on-board ship computers. AI is often installed on ships to create 'vectors' for the Trans-Light Engine to make sure that the ship doesn't run into a star or a black hole or other things. It is also use for giving firing suggestions.
  • Electromagnetic Spectrum Manipulation - Manipulation of light has been around since the early 20th Century most frequently used in radios, tvs, remote controls, etc. In the 22nd Century the manipulation of light by this time is much more efficiant and reliable then in the 20th. The USC is looking into warping light around an object to make it invisible. This isn't yet thought to be remotely possible until the mid 23rd Century.
  • Cryogenics - Cryogenics was started in the late 20th Century. The technology and science of crygenics in the 22nd Century has advanced to the point of being able to freeze and unfreeze humans nearly at will. The process is pretty simple they enter a cryochamber without clothes so that they won't freeze to the skin. The cryohamber then froze the body while injecting nutrients and other essentials so that their blood doesn't crystalize. The body then enters a state of unaging as the body no longer ages and the time that passes is negligible. When they wake they are unfrozen (which takes roughly one minute) and they then have to cough up the nutrients from their lungs and then they are entirely ready for action with nearly no-ill effects.


In 2212 Neo-Communist on Mars and other planets such as Gliese 876 D and entire sectors began to rebel against the 'Capitalist Imperialist Pigs under the guise of the Vatican'. The USC Navy deployed to those sectors with the Gettysburg, Stalingrad, and Pope John XXIII led the assault against the rebelers with many more USC ships nt far behind. The first battle of the rebellion occured on Mars with the Swiss Guard being attacked by the rebelers as they tried to kill the Praefactus Cardinalis. The ensuing Battle of New Orlando was one of the most bloody with the soldiers fighting for nearly 13 days before the city fell.

1954 - eleven megaton

The City of Khufu on New Egypt getting destroyed by nuclear fire

The outer sectors weren't so lucky to actually have a battle on the ground. The planets out in the other sectors that weren't deemed vital were bombarded with nuclear bombs dropped from orbit. The planets quickly surrendered after their largest cities were nuked into submission. On vital worlds that couldn't be nuked by the military normally for economic reasons did have battles on their surface, the Battle of the Gliese 876 Far Orbiter ended in a pyrrhic victory for the rebels as they ignited a gravity bomb that turned the entire station into a black hole and threatened to swallow the entire system until it shut down. Mars was the last planet to be subdued in 2220.

Project PaladinEdit

The rebellion was one of the most bloody wars in history thus far, as untold millions were slaughtered by radiation and flame, while others were lucky enough to see their killer as they were cut down by bullet. The rebellion lasted until 2220 and the battles were many in the industrialized planets. Many marines and rebelers were killed. On Nova Roma tactical nuclear missiles killed thousands on both sides until the planet's atmosphere was so irradiated that 12 minutes of exposure could kill you. The battle was eventually a victory for the USC but only at great cost.

But a new hero emerged during this time, but only to those who had top-secret clearance. Project Paladin had been activated in 2203 due to the threat of rebellion. Kids were taken from the age of seven from their families in secret and taken to Alexandria (located in the Groombridge 1618 System) where they were trained and taught from then on. They were only referred to as their first name then their three-digit call number. At the age of 14 they were given biological augmentation surgery which did these things:

Carbide Ceramic Ossification - Advanced material grafting onto skeletal structures to make bones virtually unbreakable. Recommended coverage not to exceed 3% total bone mass because of significant white blood cell necrosis.

Risk: Specific risk for pre-and near-postpubescent adolescents: skeletal growth spurts may cause irreparable bone pulverization.

Muscular Enhancement Injections - Protein complex is injected intramuscularly to increase tissue density and decrease lactase recovery time.

Risk: Five percent (5%) of test subjects experience a fatal cardiac volume increase.

Catalytic Thyroid Implant - Platinum pellet containing human growth hormone catalyst is implanted in the thyroid to boost growth of skeletal and muscle tissues.

Risk: Rare instances of Elephantiasis or hormone rejection.

Occipital Capillary Reversal - Submergence and boosted blood vessel flow beneath the rods and cones of the subject's retina. Produces a marked visual perception increase.

Risk: Retinal rejection and detachment and permanent blindness.

Superconducting Fibrification of Neural Dendrites - Alteration of bioelectrical nerve transduction to shielded electronic transduction. 300% increase in subject reflexes. Anecdotal evidence of marked increase in intelligence, memory, and creativity.

Risk: Significant instances of Parkinson's Disease and Fletcher's Syndrome.

Only 44 were viable for combat after the augmentations as the rest were killed by the process or rendered mentally or physically incompetent.

These augmentations made the kids almost litteraly super-human as they almost killed their trainers who now had to don T-167s as to not get killed. They were given the newest power armour that was so reactive that it had actually killed a marine who tried on the armour, the armour was the now famous EXCALIBUR-V Power Armour. When the war broke out they were sent on hundreds of missions against the rebels. Even the generals didn't know of the Paladins, they just simply went to the enemy camps and found the entire rebel groups just 'disappeared'. They were never observed directly.

EXCALIBUR-V Power Armour

EXCALIBUR-V Main Battle Variant

EXCALIBUR-V Main Battle Variant

The Paladins were given the state of the art EXCALIBUR-V Power Armour had

EXCALIBUR-V Force Recon Variant

many variations. During their training CPO Ciana Halsey who was in-charge of Project: Paladin evaluated each of the 100 recruits and split them into various specialties such as sniper, close quarters combat, etc. They were then given armour custom to them after their augmentation but they were pretty much divided into a few groups which all have a standard of an AI-Neural Interface, HUD, Magnetic Holder for grenades, weapons and knives, 1/2 inch Mytheral-III Ceramic Armour, 2 Fusion Cells, Movment and Strength Enhancement that would injure non-augmented humans, and a Comm
File:EXCALIBUR-V Close Quarters Combat Variant.png
unit able to transmit to with-in a system. Here is a list of the variants of the EXCALIBUR-V Power Armour:
EXCALIBUR-V Sniper Variant

EXCALIBUR-V Sniper Variant

Force Recon Variant - The Force Recon Variant has lighter armour that allows for lighter and faster movement but is still strong enough to survive re-entry into a 2E Atmosphere and also comes equipped with a stealth feature. The helmet has a built in motion sensor fuction and also has a larger HUD but other-wise has all standard attachments.

Main Battle Variant - The Main Battle Variant comes with the sandard attachments and allows for a large range of movement and for quick close quarters combat.

Sniper Variant - The Sniper Variant's HUD allows for 100x magnification, noise reduction, and comes with other-wise all the standard features

Close Quarters Combat Variant - The Close Quarters Combat Variant comes with 1 inch thick Mytheral-III Ceramic Armour and 9 knife attachments, 10 grenade attachments, 4 pistol attachments, and otherwise all standard armour.

The Enterprise's Discoveries

The SS Enterprise during this time was kept updated to the situation and by the end of the rebellio

Halo Approach

The SS Enterprise approaching the Ring

n was still in top shape. They had stopped at several locations as their computers had detected anomalies. These anomalies that they found seemed to be the remains of an ancient galaxy spanning civilization. These findings they reported directly to the Pope himself who commanded that the information be kept under "The tightest wraps possible."

The Enterprise's strangest discovery tough was a giant ring. The AI on the Enterprise scanned the ring and found no life on the ring excet for many grasses on the inside of the ring on a lot of fresh water with no fish. The crew landed on the Ring and stayed there for 3 days before they lifted off after finding nothing but remnents of the ancient civilization that they had been finding in many places. But they didn't just leave the ring they left 20 of their crew who wished to continue to examine the ring. They left for them corn seeds to be able to do agriculture and be able to feed themselves, they also left them technol

Supermassive black hole eating matter

The Galactic Core

ogies to be able to communicate and many other things to be able to let them establish a working settlement. When the Enterprise left they established a colony and contacted the Vatican with their decision to stay. The Pope commended them for their bravery and told them to report any findings to the Vatican.

The Enterprise reached the galactic core on August 13, 2227. They took a picture of the core and sent the picture to the Vatican who allowed the picture to be re-leased to the public. The Enterprise did 40 revolutions around the core before continuing on their course to the other side of the Milky Way.

First Contact

The SS Enterprise entered the Norma Arm of the milky way when they met the most ferocious enemy to human life since the inception of man. The Covenant.

Covenant Destroyer

The Honor

The SS Enterprise halted as their AI detected an anomaly in the surrounding area. They SS Enterprise was greeted by the Honor. The commander of the Honor commanded the human vessel to give up thetr artifacts from the Forerunners. The SS Enterprise rescponded by saying that they had no artifacts and that they wished for peaceful negotiations and welcomed the alien to search their ship for any artifacts if that is what they were searching for. The Honor docked next to the SS Enterprise and 15 Sanghelis


Admiral Rtas 'Taromee

led by Admiral Rtas 'Taromee entered the vessel with devices for detecting Forerunner articfacts. The Sangheilis were met by the crew of the Enterprise and after initial discussions with Admiral Augustus McLeod lifted the device towards the exterior of the ship and found nothing then while turing caught a beep of the device. He then turned back towards the crew at which the device began to beep at an amazingly fast rate indicating a artifact of extreme importance. The device displayed the symbol for reclamation.

Stunned he turned hurredly back to his crew and told them of what the device said. All of them who had other detectors did the same thing and got the reclamation symbol. Rtas 'Taromee hurried back to his ship and consulted with the leaderheads of the Covenant. They knew immediately that this race was directly intertwined with the reclamation and agreed that the humans should be harvested as they were vital to the advancement.

The Sangheili on-board received the order and killed the crew of the SS Enterprise with swift efficenty. But they didn't realise that the cameras aboard were transmitting directly to the Vatican, in horror the Pope watched the crew slaughtered and dragged on-to the Honor. The ship's AI quickly had the ship scuttled to prevent them from gaining access to the maps and data they received.

The video was broadcast to the entire USC and a properly out-raged populous cried for war against. The Pope and the College of Cardinals declared a Crusade against the Covenant. The most damaging war in human history had started. The Human-Covenant War had begun.

Holy War

The Covenant had downloaded 1/2 of a map from the ship's computers before it was scuttled. They only received the outline of the USC. It was all they needed. The Covenant Navy attacked on both sides of the USC squeezing in Humanity.

The Paladins were immediately dispatched. Project Paladin was made public after the


A USC soldier firing upon a group of Kig-Yar

Department of Espionage decided that the project would increase morale amongst the troops. The Covenant was composed of the Kig-Yar, Huragok, Sangheili, San 'Shyuum, and Lekgolo. The Covenant Navy advanced deep into the USC while the Human Navy tried desperatley to gather enough ships to attack the Covenant. The Paladins fought under nearly impossible

Paladin-117 fighting on New Egypt during the initial invasion

odds against plasma weaponry that could litteraly cook the Paladin inside in a few shots. But they fought valiantly expesscially on New Egypt which the Paladins fought against a 1,273:1 odds. But in the end even they were killed, but only after evening the odds to only 372:1

Gravity Missile

A cut-away view of a Gravity Missile

One of the few missile carriers, the SS Gibraltar, attacked the Covenant Navy at New Egypt which had been over-run by the covenant who harvested the bodies of the dead Humans. The SS Gibraltar fired 3 Gravity Missiles at the Covenant Navy. The Gravity Missiles struck the Truth and Rconciliation and created three black holes which disintegrated the Covenant Navy as they were sucked into oblivian. The SS Gibraltar was destroyed though as the surviving ship's plasma disintegrated. The 'victory' at New Egypt was hailed as a turning point. But in reality it was not.

Humanity was retreating farther and farther back upon themselves. The Covenant's Army and Navy pulverised the relativley frail human ships. The Covenant did lose battles though when the humans were able to bring to

MilkyWay-Map (Covenant Occupation)

Map of the Covenant Occupation of Human Space

bear their deadly gravitation distortion technology. Often times entire battles would be won or loss according to simply the Missile Carrier Ships. Soon though the Human resources were failing in the face of terrible onslaught. Humanity seemed to be hearing its death bells as its life was slowly drawn from their body.

The Covenant soon took nearly all of the USC territory and was fast closing in on the Sol System. By now countless thousands had been slaughtered by the relentless Covenant. They killed every man, woman, and child to the smallest infants. They killed them with plasma or fire burning their bodies to death, slowly and painfully. The Human race was quickly becoming an endangered speices as the Covenant gained

Holocaust 2

A pile of bodies from a recently destroyed town by the Covenant shortly before harvesting.

more and more. It seemed as though all was lost and humanity would be 'harvested' for the advancement of the Covenant to a higher plane of being. The Paladins who had fought so galiantly were now becoming fewer and fewer in supply as the last group who was being trained was found and killed by the Covenant. But hope


soon came shining through a tunnel, albeit a long tunnel.

The San'Shyyum, the leaders of the Covenant, began to distrust the Sangheili as their power grew more with every battle and the Lekgolo, whom were the shock units of the Covenant, were indebted to the Sangheili and the Kig-Yar were just simply out of the question as they were loyal to none and pirates by heart. The San'Shyuum had the Huragoks build machines of war to replace the Sangheili and Lekgolo. These machines would be completely loyal to the San'Shyuum and would obey them to the very end.

War Machines

War Machines

With the Huragoks immense building skill the war machines were soon operational yet still secret to the rest of Covenant society. The War Machines were then released into the main Sangheili fighting force and for a while seemed to operate along-side the relieved Sangheili and Lekgolo whom had begining to show signs of fatigue. But then the infamous day came and the War Machines rose up and began to kill the Sangheili and Lekgolo. The Kig-Yar saw their opportunity during this time and began to kill their former officers, the Sangheili, and the War Machines as well. The Covenant fractured as on occupied worlds and during fighting the troops turned on themselves. During this time and equaly as separating the Medicant Bias revelaed that the term reclamation was not so and it was in fact Reclaimer and the Humans were the chosen of the Forerunners. This meant that the holy rings weren't for accension but for destruction.


A Mgalekgolo is is made from about a dozen or more Lekgolo worms that work in unison via hive-mind and become smater as more gather. At this point he can be described as an individual.

The Sangheili when they heard pf the event brodcast it throughout the Covenant and all Sangheili whom still were clinging to their accesionist ideals tossed them to the way-side. The Sangheili and Lekgolo contacted the Humans through a military compost under a white flag. They directly contacted the Vatican and the College of Cardinals. They appologized to the human race saying that:

We, the Sangheili and the Lekgolo, truly are deeply sorry for the humanity that we have snuffed out in their prime. We were led by traitors unbeknown to us. We believed that harvesting man would bring acension to all and that we could become as the ones who came before us. We wished to become gods and now relise after the admissions of the Medicant Bias that this path is impossible. We wish to become an comrades to you in repentence. We wish to fight the same enemy as you and your bretheren.


a common Kig-Yar

The Pope decided to give the desicision to the College of Cardinals. They voted to agree to the Alliance. The video of the Sangheili and Lekgolo peace offerings were broadcast throughout the USC along with pictures of the War Machines killing Sangheili and Lekgolo. The populous cautiously accepted them.

The Sangheili Navy now along with the Human Navy utterly destroyed the Covenant at the Battle of New Russia. The Sangheili technology and skills along with the Human skill and technology proved over whelming against the Covenant. By 2237, ten years after the begining of the war, it was effectivley over. The Prophet of Truth had been killed by Paladin-117 who had also killed many score of Covenant. But now that the war was over how would man re-make himself? How would he integrate the aliens with Christ? How would the Sangheili, Lekgolo, and Humans act towards each other? What comes next?

What Came Next (2238-2300)

This time period occurs between January 1, 2238 - December 31, 2300

This time period is punctualized by the advancment of Christianity to other species and technological advancements.

Humanity after the Human-Covenant War began to accept the Sangheili and the Lekgolo as fellow sapient species. They although were confused by their religion which had been recently been turned on its head of worshipping the 'Forerunners'. The Sangheili and Lekgolo soon began to question even the 'neutered' version of the Forerunner Worship. Many factions of the Forerunner Worship began to splinter from the main group as the San'Shyuum had been the relgious leaders of the Covenant and now they had no-one to comprehend the will of the 'gods'.


Rev. Alfred Caesar saw this fracturing as a chance to convert them to Christianity. He preached to a group of Sangheili on the Solar Far Orbiter. He told them of the good word and that Christ had died for all sapient species to be cleaned of sin and all they had to do was accept him as their saviour and he would wipe their sins clean. The group of Sangheili heard this and asked him questions about the Christian religion. On

Vatican Council

the Third Vatican Council

September 22, 2239 the first non-human to become a Christian was Dsa 'Tsaramnee on the Solar Far Orbiter.

In responce to this was the Third Vatican Council. The Third Vatican Council established that:

Jesus Christ died for all sapient life's sins to be washed away.

All sapient life is tainted by sin.

All sapient life is equal in God's eyes.

Any sapient being can become a Christian.

The Book of Revalation is un-cannon and Apocryphal.

Humans are the chosen race and with-in Humanity the Jews are the chosen race of Humans.

This proclamation opened the door for an entirley new peoples to preach towards. Many missionaries began to convert Sangheili and Mgalekgolo (Lekgolo worms as indivuals are non-sapient and only when in large gathering such as Mgalekgolo do they achieve sapience). By April 15, 2241 Forerunner Worship was restricted to only the Covenant Remanent with the Kig-Yar and San'Shyuum being the only peoples that still worships Forerunners. By this time only the most devout of Sangheili or Mgalekgolo held on to their old religion. Christianity and Agnotism was about equal during this time in the Sangheili communities but Agnotism was declining.

Humanity during this time also experienced an expansion not unlike what happened after WWII with the baby boomers. Galactic Population began increase rapidly as the former human settlements were resettled and many places were re-colonized after being totally wiped clean of human life. Humanity was on an upswing along with the Sangheili and Mgalekgolo.

Annexization and Domination

On December 15, 2249 the United States of Christendom officialy annexes the Sangheili colonies (which include the Mgalekgolo and Lekgolo) and most of the Galactic Arms in the Tractatus Tertius Basilicae (Third treaty of the Basilica). This treaty

MilkyWay-Map (Human Annexization)

The red is the old USC. The Yellow is the USC Annexization. The Green is the Protected Zone. The Blue is the Covenant Remanant.

also sets the core region as a protected zone in which colonization is not allowed.

High Charity

High Charity

The Tractatus Tertius Basilicae brought the borders of the USC up to the Covenant Remanant. The Mgalekgolo acted as shock troopers as the Vatican had decided to finnish the fight. They landed on the Covenant Capital of High Charity with the Humans and Sangheili in space destroying the remanants of the Covenant Navy. The Mgalekgolo fought street by street alongside the new Paladins and the famous Paladin-117 who was now at the rank of Master Chief and known mostly by that name.

In fourteen days High Charity was conqured and towed back to the Sol System and the San'Shyuum in chains and stripped of all their power and wealth and tried for their crimes against humanity, after which many were hanged or killed by firing squad. The Kig-Yar bugged out and became the scourge of Merchant Marines as pirates. The War Machines were deactivated and piled onto a fifteen ships which were destroyed by four gravity missiles. The entire galaxy was finally under one government but once again man was forced to ask "what comes next?"


Swiss Guard Template

flag of the Swiss Guard

Although the USC had formal control over the entire Milky Way they had not explored much of it. It was very much a frontier zone as the United States of America had expeienced in the 1800s with the 'Wild West'. Laws were commonly not followed in the outer regions of the galaxy and they often were back water settlements. Often some of the only law enforcement in the outer sectors was the bullet or the plasma bolt as law enforcment wasn't

a common Unggoy in off world methane breather suit.


Paschal Lamb

Flag of the USC Army

Also after the fall of the Covenant all the branches of the USC Military a flag in celebration.

Many joint Sangheili and Human exploration missions occured to map

Japanese Flag

flag of the USC Marines

Japanese Naval Flag

Flag of the USC Navy

out the galaxy in incredible detail. The first mission to go down the length of the Norma Arm resulted in the discovery of the Unggoy . They were in their stone age and were very unadvanced only just creating methods for flint-mapping and making arrow heads out of stone. They did however have advanced literature which was very unusual for such an unknowladgable race, although there is evidence that they were once an industrialized race but a tragedy had befallen them and reduced them back to stone age technology.

The Human-Sangheili ship made contact with them and incorperated them with into the USC, albeit through the threat of "Raining the stars down upon your planet.". The Unggoy were converted to Christianity in only a year as the population was relativley small and very maleable.

By 2259 Unggoy were common sights throughout the galaxy as they had an extremley high birth rate to compensate for the harsh Balaho double winters because of its eliptical orbit that was not helped by the nearly 90% methane atmosphere.


A common Jiralhanae Officer with battle hammer.

The Humans during this time had discovered another race during this time called the Jiralhanae. They were the first mammalian sapient being discovered besides Humans. They were also the first primatic sapient species besides Humans. Many thought that the Humans and the Jiralhanae would get along easily because of their similarites. But they all stopped at the physical level. The Jiralhanae were bloodthristy and relentless. When the first USC ship entered Doisac's atmosphere the Jiralhanae military launched nuclear warheads at the ship severley injuring it and causing the vessel to crash into a major city. Admiral Jason Kaiser contacted the Jiralhanae equivalent of the United Nations. They told them that they wished to incorperate them into a galaxy
USC Carrier 2

The SS Harmony shortly before the nuclear strike.

spanning nation. The Jiralhanae leader-ship called them cowards and that if they wanted war they should fight the war openly, not deceiving them to try to make them open up before the strike. Moments after they said that 33 nuclear warheads detonated against the side of the ship. The SS Harmony withstood the immense pressure and heat though and retaliated with orbital bombarment of the Doisac.

Within 2 days the planet's population was nearly entirley destroyed as the SS Harmony had melted the major cities with blasts of plasma all the while the Jiralhanae attempted to destroy them with nuclear weapons, but their aiming was so atrocious that they nearly always missed. Another party was sent down to find any survivors in the major cities. They found a small group of Jiralhanae infants and took them aboard the SS Harmony. They decided that they would raise them to be docile, functioning members of galactic society. But before they left just to make shure that the Jiralhanae wouldn't rise once more they totally sterilized the planet with a continous orbital bombardment for an two entire weeks before moving on. The planet would most likely never be able to harbor any sort of multi-cellular life again.

Technological Discovery

The findings of the SS Enterprise were finally revealed in 2260 along with the colony of the Ring. The majority of the populous question why they hadn't been told this eariler but they didn't ask too many questions as a report as to why it wasn't released eariler was given out two days later. High Charity (which was now in orbit around Jupiter) was excavated by Humans in 2262 they found with the Sangheili translators hundreds of new technologies that the San'Shyuum had been researching but hadn't yet completed.

A joint Sangheili-Human sceintific group was commisioned by the College of Cardinals whith the 'blessings of the church' to help them. The group often found that the San'Shyuum had over-looked major steps that were easily seen by anyone who was actually scientificly knowlegeable. The group was renamed by the College of Caridinals in 2263 to the Mars Project.

Scarab-Man proportion

Type-47 Ultra Heavy Assault Platform

The Mars Project eventually created some things that had been illuding the Covenant for many years, such as:

Type-47 Ultra Heavy Assault Platform (Scarab) - the Type-47 Ultra Heavy Assault Platform (Scarab) was created for the Lekgolo to power which was much larger then the average Mgalekgolo. It could be used as essentialy a walking patform of death capable of shooting large jets of plama and inch thick point defense plasma bolts.

Type-26 Ground Support Aircraft (Banshee)- the Type-26 Ground Support Aircraft (Banshee) is a light single


Type-26 Ground Support Aircraft

person fighter capable of eigther atmospheric combat or exoatmospheric combat it comes equipped with two rapid-fire plasma cannons and a energy projectile (commonly known as a Banshee Bomb).

Type-32 Rapid Assault Vehicle (Ghost) - The Type-32 Rapid Assault


Type-32 Rapid Assault Vehicle

Vehicle (Ghost) has two energy cannons attached to it and acts as a light cavalry vehicle. It also has the ablity to over-charge its engines to go at high speeds.

Societal Changes

Society after the Human-Covenant War was initally very bent against their new

Humans Only

A Humans Only sign on a restroom

non-human allies. Often Sangheili would be denied many jobs and would often only find employment in eigther the military or in menial labor. The Mgalekgolo really didn't care though as they just returned to their homeworld of Te and did whatever Mgalekgolo do with their time.

This very much changed after the final Covenant destruction on High Charity. This is because of a number of factors, three of the biggest factors were the Third Vatican Council, a large number of Army personnel having to interact with the Sangheili on a regular basis, and the self-less example of the Sangheili and Mgalekgolo during the Battle of High Charity.

After these things the Sangheili and really all sapient beings were treated as equals although many places were still partial to Humans, but this has been shown by a report done by Harvard University to be a natural occurance in all species to be partial to themselves. The Agnostic and Athiest views also began to come back during this time in remote colonies with-out much connection to the rest of the USC, although not illegal it was frowned upon. The views of Agnostism also spread heavily in the Sangheili after the final destruction of the Covenant as they were reminded of their old religion and their new religion was still bored into their heads and thus many adopted what they saw as a neutral approach of Agnostism. The ration by January 1, 2276 was 40% Agnostic, 59% Christian, 0.7% Forerunner Worship, and 0.3% Hindu.

The New Quebec Rebellion

On the system of New Quebec near the end of the end of the Perseus Arm on July 4, 2276 (which was exactly 500 years after the United States of America declared its independence from the United Kingdom of Great Britain) declared its independence as the Republic of New Quebec.

The USC imeadiatley deployed the military to the New Quebec system. The USC Navy didn't bombard the planets as many had predicted but instead set up a blockade of the system and deployed Marines onto the surface of New Quebec. It now was obvious what they were doing. They weren't even treting this rebellion as a real threat but were simply testing out their newest weaponry.

150 Banshees screamed into the atmosphere and began to strafe cities. Hundreds of people were burned and

Banshee Strafe

Banshee strafing a group of civilians

slaughtered by the plasma that burned through metal, buildings, and flesh. The Banshees continously bombarded the cities as the Marines and Army divisions that were backed up by the Scarabs and Ghosts fought their way across the planet. The civilians fought back fiercely but were no match for the towers of death known as Scarabs or the wailing plasma spewing Banshees. People were killed in droves as the USC drove across the planet.

The Paladins gave the rebels a heavy beating as well. They fought with courage and valour often killing everyone and everyhing around them. People hid in their houses but they were slaughtered by them as the Paladins had been ordered to destroy all the 'rebels' in the city. Unfortunately that was a death sentence for all inside the city. The Paladins broke down baricaded doors with their extreme strength. They killed all those who breathed. When the battle was over not a single soul was left in the city and many said that the Paladins came back to base with formerly blue EXCALIBUR-VIs being bright red and slick with blood.

The USC Army reached the city of New Quebec (after which the planet was named) on August 12, 2278 after two years of war across the planet. The capital fell to the USC and New Quebec unconditionally surrendered on August 18, 2278 (which was also a time when a full eclipse on Earth occurred). The population of New Quebec was forced to sign a document that said that they would "... pledge allegiance to the United States of Christendom" or be forced to the Ryker's Orbital Penetentiary orbiting Betelgeuse. Almost 1/6 of the population was forced to Ryker's, they were never heard from again.

Nuremberg Meeting

Nuremberg, State of Germany

December 1, 2278


Official Transcripts of the Special Nuremberg Meeting of the College of Cardinals

Presiding: Praefactus Cardinalis Joseph Ferdinand of the State of Germany

Recording Method: typed on typewriter

Official Record: "This meeting is now called to order by the authority of Pope Pius XIII. Whom shall speak shall be Cardinalis Hernandez of Madrid, State of Greater Spain over what he has learned via the 88th Reconisance Unit on New Quebec" -Presiding Cardinalis

[Cardinalis Hernandez of Madrid, State of Greater Spain rises and approaches the speaker's platform and begins his speech]

"My fellow Cardinals, I bring news of great distress and worry. It seems as though the ones of the Athiestic Age have returned once more. This was expected but not nearly as soon as it has actually occured.

The athiest terrorist group Söhne von Hitler have been proven to be the root agitators of this rebellion. They are Neo-Nazis by not only name as many groups are but they have put actions into their bloody and hateful words. They supplied the rebels with books, bullets and rifles. The majority of the population of New Quebec was mostly Non-Orthodoxy, Agnostic or Athiest, an ideological view that although not illegal left them without an absolute to judge their words and only went with what was in their heart. Which as the Holy word says so clearly is injust and corrupted by sin. It is believed that if they were Catholic they might have not rebelled. This so clearly demonstrates the dangers of Non-Orthodoxy, Atheism and Agnosticism.

As we know Agnosticism has spread very heavily into the Sangheili and to many of the outer sectors were the church has little influence or is simply not there. I propose some laws and acts that will totally destroy the Agnostic and Atheist views in our nation, this is not to hurt them but to protect them, as we know that the only way to peace is through the blood of Christ.

The laws and acts I'm proposing are:" - Cardinalis Hernandez of Madrid, State of Greater Spain

[pulls out note card and begins to read off of it]

"Number 1: The outlawing of Atheism and Agnoticism and Non-Orthodoxy

Number 2: The re-institution of the Office of Inquisition

Number 3: The re-establishment of the Inquistors and the Grand Inquisitor

Number 4: The banning of Atheist and Agnostics and Non-Orthodoxy from owning private property

Number 5: The banning of Atheist and Agnostics and Non-Orthodoxy from working in the Government at any level

Number 6: The punishment of the beliefs of Atheism and Agnostism and Non-Orthodoxy

Number 7: The forcing of those who do not believe in the Catholic Church to wear a Scarlet H for Heresy

Number 8: The banning of Agnostics, Athiests, or Non-Orthodoxy to marry a Catholic, to hire a Catholic, but marriages before this is passed will not be affected

These my friends are the key to a better universe. Vivat Papa!" - Cardinalis Hernandez of Madrid, State of Greater Spain

[Praefactus Cardinalis Joseph Ferdinand of the State of Greater Germany rises from his seat and speaks]

"The matters of which Cardinalis Hernandez of Madrid, State of Greater Spain has spoken shall be further discussed at a later date. And as he said earlier, Vivat Papa! This meeting is adjurned." - Praefactus Cardinalis Joseph Ferdinand of the State of Greater Germany

Transcript End

Nuremberg Vote

The College of Cardinals met again on December 15, 2278 to discuss what was said in the first meeting. Many agreed that the threat of Athiest terrorist groups was high and that untreated would obviously cause much more blood-shed until the problem was resolved. But as to how many became split. The Nuremeberg Laws set out by Cardinalis Hernandez of Madrid, State of Greater Spain was by some thought to be too radical, yet others thought it wasn't enough. The stage was set for either a more peaceful way of consolidating with the Athiest groups, or quickly and violently taking care of any and all opposition to the Catholic Church.

The College of Cardinals was in heated debate for many months with both the opposition and the supporters being neck and-neck until the alloted time of the vote. When the vote came out the supporters had won by 5 votes. They passed the Nuremberg Laws on February 13, 2279 in which they expanded the laws put down by Cardinalis Hernandez of Madrid, State of Greater Spain to include all who were not Catholic and made all other religions besides Catholicism illegal.

Nuremberg Laws

The effect was imeadiate the Office of Inquisition was established in the Vatican with the Grand Inquistor being selected by the Pope to be Cardinalis George Fitzgerald of London, State of Great Britain. He at first used the Swiss Guard as Inquistors before specialized units could be set up. The Swiss Guard broke down the doors of nearly 13,000 men all around Earth who were known to be Anti-Catholic or Non-Catholic. They demanded they repent and rebuke what they had said about the Catholic Church. Almost 6,000 when faced with Swiss Guards with automatic rifles signed the document saying that they rebuked their words against the Catholic Chruch.

Torture by Rack

A crudley drawn picture of an Inquisitor forcing a prisoner to torture another prisoner.

But those that didn't were taken into custody and brought to the Tibetian Mountain Holy Office were they stood trial for their heresy many were found guilty and were tortured by the Swiss Guard and told to repent or be killed. Almost 1000 rebuked their former ways but the rest died of their wounds.

By August 20, 2280 the Office of Inquisition had replaced all of the Swiss Guard with Inquisitors. They had an office in nearly every sectors with thousands of people passing through the Holy Office every day. By 2283 the Sol System was devoid of anything other then loyal Catholics as the "Non-Orthodoxy" had been either tortured to death or 'converted'. Those that were converted after torture were often psychologically scarred for life. Many killed themselves after the tortures because of the physical pain and pyschological pain.

Soon large amounts of Sangheili were dying either because of the tortures directly or from the after effects of it. Many Sangheili leaders called out for the tortures to end but many were called heretics and killed by torture. The Sangheili population by 2290 had dropped by 10% and soon many peoples from Unggoy to Human called for the torture to stop and on some planets they even rioted, but as always the USC Military captured them and turned them o'er to the Inquisitors.

Pope Scipio I

Pope Scipio I was elected by the College of Cardinals on August 15, 2291 after Pope Pius XIII died on February 3, 2291. The Sede Vacante between the two dates was a time when many rioters took advantge of the time of no Pope and rioted more ferociously but they were all put down by the USC Army.

When Pope Scipio I was elected he imeadiatley reviewed what the Inquisitors had done and requested pictures of the torture techniques. Horrified he used his Papal Infalliability to speak out against the College of Cardinals who had done this and in detail he described the torture techniques and at the end of it he said that from this point forth torture shall banned in the United States of Christendom and the Nuremberg Laws are henceforth repealed. The next day he brought all of the Cardinals who voted for the Nuremberg Laws and demanded that they sign a paper of apology. All of the Cardinals obeyed the Holy Father and signed the paper. He then dismissed all of them from their duties and appointed new Cardianls from the Bishops.

Saint Mathew Celebration

the planet of Saint Mathew celebrating the end of the Nuremberg Laws

Hundreds of thousands of planets exploded with joyous celebration at the end of the Nuremberg Laws which killed countless people.

Many of the former Inquisitors are brought to Nuremberg for the Nuremberg Trials along with the Grand Inquisitor. Almost all of them are found guilty of crimes against humanity and sentenced to hanging. The city of Nuremberg's streets are lined with the bodies of the Inquistors hanging.

The Inquisitors that escaped the law formed the Foedera Iocorum. The group functioned much as a terrorist group and killed many non-Catholics. They were called by Pope Scipio I as a "bloodthirsty group of horrible men who kill thoughtlessly and hatefully". The Foedera Iocorum had de facto control over many of the heavily radical Catholic planets in the Outer Arm. Often in these systems non-Catholic persons were discriminated against and often lynched, local law enforcement often broke down as they agreed with the Foedera Iocorum.