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Progressive Party
Chairperson Bernie Sanders
Deputy Chairperson Tulsi Gabbard
Presidential Nominee Elizabeth Warren
Founded 2018
Headquarters Washington D.C.
Student wing Young Progressives
Youth Wing Young Progressives
Membership  (2030) 50 Million

Social Democracy 

Democratic Socialism
Social Liberalism

Political Position Left
European Affiliation  Party of European Socialist (Regional Partner)
International affiliation Progressive Alliance

Socialist International (Observer)


The Progressive Party is the name of a political party that was established in 2018. The Progressive Party is the largest political party in the United States. Despite only controlling the Senate from 2026-2034 and 2057-2074, it has controlled the House several times and has managed to stay alive through Grassroots Politics, despite often accepting donations from American Companies in times of finanacial problems. 


The Progressive Party was established in 2018, when Bernie Sanders was removed forcibly from a rally calling for the rejection of the Trans-Pacific Partnership. Sanders felt betrayed, but never held Hilary Clinton accountable. 

Sanders and supporters of Our Revolution, announced the formation of a new political party in time for the 2018 Midterm Elections, resulting in a Republican Majority for both chambers with the other three Parties filled out the remaining seats. 

In 2020, Elizabeth Warren was nominated as the first Progressive Presidential Candidate after Bernie Sanders refused to run. Warren offered Bernie Sanders the Vice Presidential Ticket, but he again refused, instead recommending she find someone else. Warren would run against Hilary Clinton, Mike Pence, and Ted Cruz, taking 40% of the Popular Vote and winning in three states, before losing the election to Ted Cruz. 

Daniel Andersen joined the Party in 2028 and ran for President in 2030. At 43, Andersen was one of the youngest Presidents ever elected. 

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