Progressive Party
Chairperson Steve Weissman (1st)
Deputy Chairperson Deb Brooks (1st)
Founded 2042
Merger of Democratic Socialists of America

New Progressive Movement

Progressive Faction

Headquarters Washington D.C.
Student wing Young Progressives
Youth Wing Young Progressives
Membership  (2030) 50 Million

Social Liberalism



Social Democracy 

Democratic Socialism  

Left-Wing Populism 

Political Position Left to Far-Left
European Affiliation  Party of European Socialist (Regional Partner)
International affiliation Progressive Alliance

Socialist International (Observer)


The Progressive Party is the name of a political party that was established in 2042. The Progressive Party is the largest political party in the United States, formed as a result of a merger between the Democratic Socialists of America and the New Progressive Movement. . Despite only controlling the Senate from 2041-2044 and 2057-2074, it has controlled the House several times and has managed to stay alive through Grassroots Politics, despite often accepting donations from American Companies in times of financial problems. 


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