Note: Do not take these predictions as fact as they are written by an ordinary person who does not know much, I do however have a realistic and dull view on the world so I will not be surprised if at least one of them will actually happen.

Also I do have a keen interest in the near future with an equally keen desire to make this page and I strive for accuracy.

If you agree or disagree with any of these predictions listed below or just want to discuss about them please leave your thoughts in the comment section below because debating may not only be fun but might also bring some more accurate changes if I agree with any of your thoughts.


General overview:

The world economy is endangered, many countries will experience financial crisis, economic stagnation and ugly political battles over entitlements and immigration.

The risk of social and political upheaval and military aggression will grow throughout the developing world while the developed world's capacity to deal with these threats weakens.

All of this is happening while the worlds demand for resources still grows, causing increasing prices, political unrest and could possibly be a cause of war if a developed country refuses to send oil to the western world.

Spite all the issues there could be technological and medical breakthroughs that might benefit mankind, the oil crisis may cause the government to invest in hybrid/electric vehicles, higher fuel efficiency and a gradual shift to renewable energy that could possibly resolve the oil crisis in the next few decades.

However wars, terrorist attacks and a decline of living standards is unavoidable for many parts of the world. The threat of bio-terrorism and World War III is a real and grim possibility, and lets not forget that natural pandemics are always a cause of concern as they can happen at anytime and with all those pathogens becoming more invulnerable against anti-biotics who knows what new pandemic we could have in the 2020s.


The most likely to happen:

  1. Internet use reaches 5 billion worldwide.
  2. 3D printing becomes a mainstream technology.
  3. Holographic TV and self-driving cars for the rich.
  4. LED lights dominate the lighting industry.
  5. Ultra-high definition is common in homes.
  6. High definition cameras are the norm.
  7. 5G standard technology and gadgets.
  8. Chat bots are becoming more complex and intelligent.
  9. Drones patrolling the skies and intrusive cameras become more common through the decade.
  10. Gadgets and other hardware with 1 Petabyte(1,024 Terabyte) of data.
  11. Smart meters appearing in homes.
  12. Many homes will have solar power.


  1. World oil crisis.
  2. The world economy is in peril.
  3. Uganda becomes an oil-producing nation.
  4. Rented cars are exploding in popularity.
  5. Market for bio-fuels grows.
  6. Wind turbine drone inspection becomes a business.
  7. Energy, oil and water prices reach a record high.
  8. Living becomes more expensive.
  9. Coal production in China will rapidly decline in the late 2020s.


  1. India has the worlds highest population.
  2. The biggest refugee crisis in history begins is this decade.
  3. The Chinese '1 child only law' becomes obsolete.
  4. Generation X (people born in the late 1960s and early 1980s) is changing the worlds politics.
  5. Racial crimes and racism become a major issue.
  6. The social division of the poor and rich is a growing issue.
  7. The 2020s for the wealthy countries will be the beginning of rapid aging and population decline.
  8. The world population surpasses 8 billion by the end of the 2020s.


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