Princess Jessica, Countess of Louisiana was the younger sister of Princess Jacqueline and the aunt of King Matthew I. She had one son, James, through her former husband Grant Parkour. During the Royal Nominations of 2010, she married Adam Dressler, who upon her nephew's ascension to the new throne was given a grand ducal title.

Titles and Styles

  • January 16, 1967 -- June 5, 1988Miss Jessica MacNeill
  • June 5, 1988 -- May 10, 1995Mrs. Jessica Parkour
  • May 10, 1995 -- June 21, 2008Miss Jessica Parkour
  • June 21, 2008 -- August 26, 2015Mrs. Jessica Dressler
  • August 26, 2015 -- April 17, 2066Her Royal Highness The Countess of Louisiana

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