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Paul Robert Sefton was the husband of King Matthew I and the adoptive father of Queen Emma. From his husband's ascension in 2015 to his death in 2035, Paul was the Grand Prince of the United States. After the King died, he was called Prince Paul of the United States to avoid confusion with his son-in-law the new Grand Prince.

The marriage of King Matthew and Paul Sefton was a subject of controversy. Those who opposed same-sex marriage not only opposed to the King's marriage to Sefton but opposed to having a gay king in the first place. Congress, however, approved a same-sex royal marriage. Over time, the public jokingly called him "the gay Kate Middleton."

Titles and Styles

  • August 25, 1990 -- August 26, 2015Mr. Paul Sefton
  • August 26, 2015 -- December 5, 2035His Royal Highness The Grand Prince
  • December 5, 2035 -- May 12, 2080His Royal Highness The Prince Paul

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