Prince Daniel

Prince Daniel at his marriage day

Prince Daniel, Duke of Västergötland (full name, before getting married: Olof Daniel Westling, after getting married, 2010-2046: Olof Daniel Westling Bernadotte (and after that his additional titles of Prince of Sweden and Duke of Västergötland), from 2047: Prince Olof Daniel, without legal surname) (15 September 1973 in Örebro, Sweden - 2 January 2049 in Stockholm, Sweden) was the consort of Queen Victoria I of Sweden. He was son of middle-class Swedes Olle Westling and his wife Eva, née Westring. He was born in Örebro, but grew up in Ockelbo, a small town in Gästrikland, Sweden, and moved to Stockholm and started a gym, where he met then Crown Princess Victoria, whom he later married. After marrying her, he sold his company and devoted himself to his role in the Royal house of Sweden. He held no political positions, but was an advisor to his wife, and publicly appreciated.

He married 19 June 2010 at Stockholm Cathedral to then Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden (later Queen regnant of Sweden), having with her the following issue:

Estelle I, Queen of Sweden (2012-2097)

Oscar III, King of Sweden (2017-2106)

Princess Louise

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