Prime Minsters and Premiers of Canada after 2000

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Prime Minsters of Canada

Jean Chretien (Liberal, Quebec) 1993-2003 (10 Years)

Paul Martin (Libereal, Quebec) 2003-2006 (3 Years)

Stephen Harper (Conservative, Alberta) 2006-2015 (9 Years)

Justin Trudeau (Liberal, Quebec) 2015-2019 (4 Years)

Jason Kenney (Conservative, Alberta) 2019-2029 (10 Years)

Michael Chong (Conservative, Ontario) 2029 (1 Year)

Alexandre Boulrice (NDP, Quebec) 2029-2031 (2 Years)

Pierre Poilivere (Conservative, Ontario) 2031-2035 (4 Years)

Melanie Joly (Liberal/Coalition, Quebec) 2035-

Deputy Prime Minster of Canada

Herb Gray (Liberal, Ontario) 1997-2002 (5 Years)

John Manley (Liberal, Ontario) 2002-2003 (1 Year)

Anne McLellan (Liberal, Alberta) 2003-2006 (3 Years)

2006-2015 NONE

Megan Leslie (NDP, Nova Scotia) 2015-2019 (4 Years)

James Moore (Conservative, BC) 2019-2025 (6 Years)

Michael Chong (Conservative, Ontario) 2025-2029 (4 Years)

Three From 2029-2031

Spencer Chandra Herbert (NDP, BC)

Mylene Freeman (NDP, Quebec)

Ryan Cleary (NDP, Newfoundland)

Valarie Rutney (Conservative, Saskatchewan) 2031-2035 (4 Years)

Pierre Luc Dusseault (NDP, Quebec) 2035-

Premiers of British Columbia

Ujjal Dosanjh (NDP) 2000-2001 (1 Year)

Gordon Campbell (BC Liberal) 2001-2011 (10 Years)

Christy Clark (BC Liberal) 2011-2017 (6 Years)

Mike Farnworth (NDP) 2017-2019 (2 Years)

Nathan Cullen (NDP) 2019-2023 (4 Years)

Andrew Weaver (Green) 2023-2034 (11 Years)

Adam Olsen (Green) 2034-2039 (5 Years)

James Moore (Conservatives) 2039-

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