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President Ventura is an alternative historical and futuristic timeline set in 2127 looking back on American history. With a point of divergence in 2000. It begins when, after calls to run for President from citizens in his homestate of Minnesota, Jesse Ventura decides to run for President in 2000 and is victorious. The next 8 years are dominated by new Independent ideas in the United States. With the election of Ventura in both 2000 and '04 Independents no longer feel inferior and that they have no chance of winning state or federal level elections. Nonetheless in 2008 Ron Paul, a Republican, wins the Presidency and completely reverses some of the policies of some of the previous administrations. For example, Paul withdrew the United States from NATO and unsuccessfully attempted to withdraw the US from the United Nations. Paul also attempted to abolish the Federal Reserve system but, because of an ideologically different Congress, he was never able to. These two presidencies arguably shifted American politics from a closed 2 party system, to an open system in which anyone can run for office and have a fair chance at winning.

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