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Some nations decided to secede from the UFE after the war between the Human-Vayuki alliance and the Xi'Eya concluded. The territories that claim sovereignty/independence from the world government are:

  • Flag of NSW Republic of New South Wales (independence claimed November 2018; Includes New South Wales)
  • Flag of WA Republic of Western Australia (independence claimed November 2018; re-annexed by the UFE in January 2019)
  • Flag of Russia Ascension Russian Federation (independence claimed December 2018; includes all former soviet republics part of the Soviet Union (1990), adding Mongolia, Finland and Afghanistan)
  • Indochina Republic of Indochina (independence claimed December 2018; includes Thailand, Cambodia, Laos and Vietnam)
  • Flag of EAF East African Federation (independence claimed December 2018; includes Tanzania, Burundi, Rwanda, Kenya, Uganda, Somalia, South Sudan and Mozambique)
  • US Cascadia Republic of Cascadia (independence claimed December 2018; includes British Columbia, Washington, Oregon, and Idaho)
  • Flag of RSA Republic of South Australia (independence claimed independence July 2019; includes South Australia)
  • Flag of ROS Republic of Scotland (independence claimed July 2019; includes Scotland)
  • Burmese Flag Republic of Myanmar (independence claimed July 2019; includes Myanmar, Bangladesh and Adam & Nicobar Islands)
  • Flag of QLD Republic of Queensland (independence claimed July 2019; includes Queensland)
  • Victorian Flag Republic of Victoria (independence claimed July 2019; includes Victoria)
  • Tasmanian Flag Republic of Tasmania (independence claimed independence July 2019; includes Tasmania)
  • Flag of NT Republic of the Northern Territory of the Australian Continent (RNT) (independence claimed independence July 2019; includes Northern Territory)
  • NZ Flag The Republic of New Zealand (independence claimed August 2019; includes New Zealand)

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