This is where diplomacy occurs throughout the game between two players.

The Covenant

The Covenant is an agreement of permanent alliance and co-habitation of planets between all members. This joint
Cov flag1

Concept art for Covenant flag

pact serves to form a bond between cooperating intelligent species in the galaxy.

Humanity (as represented by the UPR, Universal People's Republic)

-UPRSC (accepted)
-UPRPC) (accepts)

Praetorrians (accepted)

Protectors (declined due to current situation but may join back up)

Universal People's Republic

Universal People's Republic Space Command (controls the fleets and space affairs of the UPR)Universal People's Republic Planetary Command (controls the internal affairs of all UPR planets)

Oil Alliance

(Secret) - Alliance to give aid to one another in the case where a war be fought over oil and other natural energy resources. Founders: France and Australia. Members: France, Australia,

  • France and Australia extend their "Oil Alliance" (An alliance to give aid should a war ever be fought over oil and other natural resources) to Germany, Italy, Russia, China (check), India, and Japan (check).

(is this how it works?)


China and Japan Agree

Russia agrees

India Agrees

South East Asian Military Treaty (SEAMT)

Allaince betwean India, Malysia (Request) and Pakistan (Request).

Universal Coalition for Cooperation and Progress (UCCP)(obsolete, reformed to UPR, see under Covenant)

Variable economic/military alliance. Requests are encouraged among all nations, in order to build a better future for all people.
Political World Map 9

UCCP leaders C.E. 2071


Universal People's Republic (founder, leader)

East Asian Federation (leader)

Europa (leader)

Middle Eastern Guidance and Stablization (MEGS)

This alliance is to keep the Middle East stable and peaceful, so there will be no disputes over anything. Any World Superpower is welcomed to join to help.


United States (founder)(request)

you can request US participation, but you are not the US player and cannot decide for him/her what the US does unless they give you specific authority to do so.

Universal Planetary League

Please join if requested:

Protecterians (Joined)

Gliseans (Joined)

Praetorians accept, but you can't dominate it- wasnt going to-OK

CD (Requested)

MCA (Requested)

British Isle

We, the Praetorians want the British Isles, and basically, the EIC can go hang, we can and will destroy them if they don't leave, and we are just giving advance notice. They can go to Paris, Berlin or New York or something, but they can't stay in London. Please Notify us of what you think, and we will probably ignore it:

Praetorians Agree

Prometheans (We really don't care what you say)

Guardians Agree, and if anyone tries to argue we will destroy their planet

Human fleet:

Human Governing body:




Pan European Free Trade Agreement (PEFTA)

Free trade alliance between Europa, Turkey, Cyprus, Russia, Poland, and any North African countries that want to join (Request)

request is not allowed. You have not joined the game, and you control no faction/nation. If you wish to join, please select a country that is not aleady taken. Otherwise I will have to block implausibilities.

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