The United States

Parties with official representation

Parties with representation in the US Congress:(1)

Name Logo Ideology Representatives Senators Membership
Union Party Union Logo American nationalism, Colonial integration, Centrism 242 543 1,345,269,885
Progress Party Progress Logo Social democracy 107 99 55,020,612
Conservative Party Conservative Logo Liberal Conservatism 61 58 31,210,345
Liberal Party Liberal Logo Conservative Liberalism 10 6 7,875,890
Libertarian Party Libertarian Classical liberalism, libertarianism, liberalism 9 3 7,340,452
Green Party Green Logo Green politics, environmentalism 5 4 3,438,234
Constitution Party Constitution Logo Christian democracy, social conservatism 1 0 1,243,333

Former Parties

Mexicanos Libres

Established in the 2070s from existing Mexican nationalist groups and PACs, such as the Chicano Movement, La Raza, Plan Espiritual de Aztlán, MEChA, and the Brown Berets, the party has since been disbanded within the United States, but continued to operate inside the rebelling South-Western States.

The Tea Party

The Tea Party was a one of the most influential third parties in American history, at first established as an far-right faction of the Republicans in response to the election of President Barack Obama. Claiming to have believed in the original beliefs of the founding fathers of America, the Tea Party was largely a collection of the most radical members of the Neo-Conservative movement of the late 90s and 00s, however it had origionally been a largely libertarian organization prior to 2009. The organization maintained the claim of libertarian policies, but in reality were just another ultra-right wing group dedicated to Bush-era policies.

Republican Party

The Republican party was a major American political party from roughly the elections of 1860 to 2032. Formed as the primary liberal party in America, the Republicans had completely shifted to the right by the 1970s, and eventually being divided into several far-right factions prior to the constitutional reforms of 2030. After the reforms, the Republican party completely collapsed, splintering into several competing conservative factions. Many former Republicans joined the perpetually floundering Libertarian Party, bolstering it into an effective political party, while the remaining moderates founded the Conservative Party.

Democratic Party

Created in 1827 it was first pro-states rights and socially conservative, around the 1890's an progressive movement emerged and the party began to drift to the left. During the constitutional reforms of the 2030s the once highly regimented party quickly fractured into three competing liberal parties, the largest and most successful being the Progress Party.


Name Logo Ideology Representatives Senators Membership
Revolution Party Revolution Party Mexican nationalism 242 543 1,345,269,885
National Action Party PAN Party (Mexico).svg Liberal-Conservatism, Christian Democracy 107 99 55,020,612
Democratic Labor Party Social-Democracy, Labor Politics 61 58 31,210,345
Populist Party Populism, Centrism 10 6 7,875,890
Green Party Verde Green politics, environmentalism 5 4 3,438,234


Name Logo Ideology Representatives Senators Membership
United Intermarium Centre-right – Liberal conservatism, Christian democracy, Strong Pro-Intermarium 242 543 1,345,269,885
Law and Justice Right-wing – National conservatism, Social conservatism 107 99 55,020,612
People's Democratic Party Centre-left – Social democracy 61 58 31,210,345
Poland First Economic Libertarianism, Social Conservatism, Anti-Intermariumism, Right-wing 10 6 7,875,890
Farmers' Party Centre-right – Agrarianism, Christian democracy 9 3 7,340,452



Social Islamic Movement

The Social Islamic Movement was established by extremists of Islamic culture. Former terrorists formed this political movement in favor of creating a great Islamic nation.

People's Acceptance Party

The People's Acceptance Party accepted people for whoever they where, or whoever they wanted to be. They called for an all peaceful government, and a government similar to the U.S.A. They were democratic conservatists.

The Ba'ath Party

The Ba'ath Party has been around for a long time. When the Arabian Confederacy was first found it's totalitarian leader was part of the Ba'ath Party. The Ba'ath Party is now the weak party in the country.