All information as of 2041.

The United States

Name Logo Ideology Representatives Senators Membership
Democratic Party D Progressivism, American liberalism 203 41 36.3 million
Republican Party R American conservatism 217 55 37.4 million
Libertarian Party Libertarian Libertarianism 15 2 2.7 million

Green Party

Political Position: Far-left
A party with roots in forming an ecologically sustainable society rooted in environmentalism, social liberalism and grassroots democracy. It merged with the Democrats in 2028.

Republican Party

Political Position: Right-wing
The Republican Party is a major American political party founded in 1854. Formed as the primary anti-slavery party in America, the Republicans had shifted more to the right by the 1970s. In 2014, the Republicans gained seats in the midterm elections after President Barack Obama's decisions regarding Obamacare, and other issues. By 2041, the GOP was the main political party in America.

Democratic Party

Political Position: Left-wing
The Democratic Party is the oldest political party in America that still exists. It was founded in 1828.

Democrat Woodrow Wilson won in the 1912 elections and pushed for economic reform and world peace. However, Wilson is blamed for the German payments, Treaty of Versailles, which got many people in Germany very angry, and which eventually led to Adolf Hitler's rule. With the stock market crash of 1929 America's unemployment rate skyrocketed to 25%. New York Governor Franklin D. Roosevelt was elected by a landslide in the 1932 election against the incumbent Republican Herbert Hoover.

President Roosevelt began to pass massive economic reforms which are usually known as the New Deal. The New Deal has been called as great, but many people have said that the only reason America recovered from the Great Depression was because of World War II.

Many of the traditional Democratic voters did not appreciate the turbulence of the counter-culture movements and instability that they felt the Democrats had created, and from 1968-2008 the Democrats were mainly on the defensive from an ever growing Republican Party. In 2008, then-Senator of Illinois Barack Obama was elected by a landslide over Senator of Arizona Republican John McCain. Obama's years as president were harshly criticized by many conservatives. They criticized of his foreign policy, Obamacare, and many controversies from the IRS scandal to the Holder scandals. The Democrats lost seats in the 2010 and 2014 midterm elections, and lost the presidency in 2016, when Scott Walker defeated Hillary Clinton, as many people wanted change.

European Federal Union

European People's Party

Political Position: Center
The European People's Party (EPP) is one of the top parties in the E.F.U.

Anti-Union Party

Political Position: Right-wing
The Anti-Union Party (AUP) wants to dissolve the E.F.U. and change the countries back to their own governments.

European Freedom Alliance

Political Position: Left-wing
The European Freedom Alliance (EFA) is the main socialist party in Europe.

European Workers' Movement

Political Position: Far-left
The European Workers' Movement (EWM) is the main communist party in Europe. It wants to create a communist dictatorship. Stuff.

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