Federation of Poland and the Baltic
Timeline: The Second Renaissance
OTL equivalent: Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Western Belarus and Ukraine
"Mazurek Dąbrowskiego"
Demonym Pole, Polish
Currency Złoty (PLN)
Calling code 48

Poland, officially known as the Federation of Poland and the Baltic, is a major regional power in Eurasia, and principle member of the Intermarium Council. Modern Poland had its roots in the Little Cold War, which saw Poland define itself as a modern military and political leader. The United States invested a significant amount of capital into Poland to counter the Russians during the Little Cold War, giving Poland the tools to build a modern economy through technology transfer. During the Third World War, Poland's modernization and leadership of the Intermarium made it a major player int he conflict, but by war's end it was banned from access to space by its former ally the US. In the 2077, the Federalists were victorious, forming the Federation of Poland and the Baltic with the unification of the Baltic states and Poland propper.

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