Plunger Missiles are a Missile launched from space. They hit Ocean waters and cause Tsunamis. The missile's are developed by the French



Dubai-1 Rocket getting ready to release plunger missiles

Screenshot 54

Plunger Missiles just after being released by the Dubai-1 Rocket

How the Plunger Missiles work

Project seal tsunami bomb

Seconds after plunger missiles hit the ocean

Dubai-1 Rockets Or DubaiHeavy Rockets get launched. Once in space the Rockets Release the Plunger missiles. Plunger Missiles are not propelled by a engine but by gravity. The speed increases very fast because the missiles are at a freefall somewhat. Plunger missiles reach there target by small Engines that are at the sides so it will hit the assigned target. Once the Plunger Missiles are released they gain speed very fast. Kinetic energy is how the Plunger missiles create the tsunami by the time the Missile hits the ocean the Missile would have gone 8000 to 10000 MPH Therefor creating a tsunami. The Wave can be 10 to 20 Feet tall. If 3 to 4 Plunger missiles are released on a target the Wave can be 30 to 40 Feet tall. If its a PlungerX Missile the Wave can reach 50 Feet.


Plunger Missiles can devastate entire coasts and kill 1000's and rampage and topple buildings.
Screenshot 55

3 Minutes after Plunger missile's hit the ocean. With the tsunami 4 Minutes away from reaching the coast

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