Earth Change by 2100 Plants of the future will have to addapt to a rapidly changing earth, by 2100 more than half of the current Amazon Rain Forrest will become desert, the oceans will start drying up, deserts will get larger, and Earths magnetic feild will be shattered. This will allow the Suns Gamma Rays to swoop into earths atmosphere and turn earth into another Venus; a volcanic and toxic world where life is almost unsistainable. The plants, as well as we, will have to addapt or evolve to this change to survive. BUT, if the earth does a counter-reaction to this greenhouse effect, we (and the plants) will have a slightly larger chance of surviving long enough to addapt or evolve, for the counter-reaction, the earth hopefully will comense, is a second Ice Age, which we should have enough technology to survive in luxery, if not we will probobly revert to our prehistorical imstincts that helped the human race survive the first Ice Age. The Plants will have a harder time, for and most plant species will die out and reduce earths oxygen levels greatly, when earth reverts back to normal the surviving humanoids will have to help the plants re-populate their dieing species, this will bring us closer to our earth and bring a new era of prosperity to the human race as well as to its home planet, if we don't become stupid enough to abondon mother earth first.

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