This is a comprehensive list of all known planets in the Rivalry timeline. For more information, please look at the planet's page. Bold names indicate that the planet is a homeworld.

Sol SystemEdit

Planet Picture Affiliation Capital
Terra (Earth) Humna Confederation
Mars Human Confederation
Middle System*
Caelus (Uranus)

Keralion SystemEdit

Planet Picture Affiliation Capital
Sleris Dravimosian Empire
Xeratoss Dravimosian Empire
Krysalis Dravimosian Empire Zera
Meneras Dravimosian Empire
Krenas Dravimosian Empire

Regenetech EmpireEdit

Regen SystemEdit

Planet Picture Affiliation Capital
Rasket Regenetech Empire Jahel
Deregen Regenetech Empire Zerehen
Erten Regenetech Empire Hesser
Minitemen Regenetech Empire Lexingord
Nemethis Regenetech Empire Sret
Argion Regenetech Empire Krypus
Benefillian Regenetech Empire Ahnzarant
Seve Regenetech Empire Wenton
Lethlum Regenetech Empire Zasheria
Crespetallion Regenetech Empire Londaran
Rikeon Regenetech Empire Sha'az Katarian

Note(s): Deregen is home to the Imperial capital, Termengen.

Illbank SystemEdit

Planet Picture Affiliation Capital
Hassbach Regenetech Empire Hesveech
Chas Regenetech Empire Japamorgon
Guilbarre Regenetech Empire Neetrale
Zwizureich Regenetech Empire Peehem
Valiankhon Regenetech Empire Khet
Kyhetlica Regenetech Empire Krayt
Benefillian Regenetech Empire Movect
Sha'akjehrel Regenetech Empire Silamshajdab

Mirthos SystemEdit

Planet Picture Affiliation Capital
Azkanar Azaranian Empire Nacta'har
Merathum Azaranian Empire Sara'zhan
Myrtiosalai Azaranian Empire Azarathium
Nakoria Azaranian Empire Lafadita
Nara-Aerta Azaranian Empire Azheria
Azer'hart Azaranian Empire Azer
Karal'zhan Azaranian Empire Rozha'kar
Zakaron Azaranian Empire Hertia-hanta

Note(s): Myrtiosalai is the Home to the Imperial Capital of Zhetiol

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