Picotechnology was three orders of magnitude smaller than nanotechnology. It was on the scale of atoms. Manipulating matter at the atomic level would revolutionize society.


Nanotechnology had revolutionized the 21st century. Working on a molecular level, nanotechnology could accomplish anything. By 2025, its first application was in medicine. By 2039, it was being used for full immersion virtual reality. By 2045, nanotechnology was used for general purpose computing. By 2048, nanotechnology was used for biostasis. By 2050, nanotechnology gave rise to claytronics. By 2070, it was allowing for nanofabricators. At the same time, nanotechnology revolutionized clothes. Over the course of the 21st century, nanotechnology became smaller and smaller. By the late 21st century, picotechnology was born.


Tech Level: 12-13

Picotechnology was three orders of magnitude smaller than nanotechnology. With it, the structure of atoms could be altered by manipulating the energy states of electrons. This allowed for people to produce metastable states with highly unusual properties. This created new more exotic forms of atoms. This led to the creation of metastable rocket fuels for space travel. Another application was teleportation. It was now possible to teleport macro-scale objects as small as a grain of sand and retain their structure. Picotechnology also helped mind uploading enter the mainstream. At the same time, picotechnology was becoming smaller and smaller. Soon, femtotechnology would be born.

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