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Dodo bird

The Dodo Bird

The pets of the 2189 vary greatly, with the dog being number #4 on the list, new, greater pets have come to the attention of middle class humans, such as the dodo bird, de-extinct animals, cybernetically-enhanced dogs. genetically-engineered pets and cat-sized rhinos.

Dodo Birds

Dodo birds first started emerging as pets in the late 2080s. They were mde de-extinct in 2027 by German scientists. Their lack of intelligence, passive nature and curiosity made them the most popular pet from 2090-2130 and 2160-present. They are often most popular in young families of middle class workers and an average dodo costs 30 credits.


A Police CyberDog MKIV

Cyber Dogs

Cybernetically-enhanced dogs began to emerge in the 2030s as tools for the police to patrol the streets, Denver famously first used them in it's response to police brutality. While cyberdogs never became widespread in use for pets, they have become a cultural Icon of the 21st Century.

Engineered Pets

If a person gets bored with all the normal pets on sale, an application can be sent to a lab to have a special biological creature created. If the application is approved, the applyer can design the basics of a biological animal that will be created in a lab, ready for the person who created it. This has led to a series of bizzare and

Small Pets