This a perfect portable system would be like. Timeframe - within 5 years:

  • Resolution of paper. 1000 dots per inch (dpi).
  • Touch screen keyboard.
  • GPU integrated with RPU In addition, new object modelling techniques based on algebraic geometry have the potential to further increase graphics speed by a factor of 10x.
  • Memory 100Gigabyte of PRAM. 32 core[1], 100GHrz procesor.[2][3]
  • Bandwidth 4G Network. wifi 1Gigabyte per second. Bluetooth 1Gigabyte per second. WiMax 1Gigabyte per second.
  • Camera one in front one in back. High definition movie quality video. video phone. A MEMS based projector would be incorporated, alongside the camera.
  • Power Fuel cell.
  • Capabilities Speach recognition. GPS navigation. Language translation. Download videos. Live T.V. Google search. Water proof. Can replace a credit card. MP3 player. Radio.

further reading

Rather than wait for some anonymous engineer deep inside some big company to build exactly the mobile phone they want, the Homebrew Mobile Phone Club is taking matters into their own hands. Download their plans and make your own improvements.

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