People’s Republic of the Caribbean (World War III, The Flood and Emugan Contact)

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People's Republic of the Caribbean
Volksrepubliek Caraïben (Dutch)
République populaire de la Caraïbe (French)
República Popular del Caribe (Spanish)

Provisional Government of the Caribbean
Voorlopige Regering van de Caraïben (Dutch)
Gouvernement Provisoire de la Caraïbe (French)
Gobierno Provisional del Caribe (Spanish)

2029 - 2044

2044 - 2050


"Omnia in omnibus"
("Everything for all.")


"'Gloria al Bravo Pueblo"
("Glory to the Brave People")


Neo Caracas

Official Languages Dutch, English, French and Spanish
State Ideology Marxism-Leninism
Government Presidential unitary communist republic
Head of State and Government

2029 - 2044

2044 - 2050


-Jorge Arreaza (communist rule)
-John-Marten Castro (provisional overnment)

Population x Million
Currency Caribbean Dollar

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