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Insignia of the Party

The Patriot Party is an American political organization, pushing forth a highly militaristic agenda. The group proposes a large amount of executive power, the use of war to secure corporate interests internationally, and the suppression of Constitutional rights in the name of national security. Its members differ on economic views, although many are right-wing with respect to wealth redistribution and welfare, advocating that more resources be spent on the army and less be spent on domestic public services. It is one of the most infamous political parties in American history, having been in power during the presidency of Donald King.

The Patriot Party was one of the several factions created after the collapse of the GOP in the 2020s. The group is most popular in the Plains States of Oklahoma, Kansas, Nebraska, Wyoming, Montana, Idaho, and the Dakotas. In their early years, Patriots proposed additional government surveillance and national security measures, as well as building-up the US military, with some suggesting a tripling of the military budget. In the 2050s, the Party worked closely with lobbyists from Bruce Industries to advocate an armed intervention in the rise to power of the Guinean Earth Front, but their advances were halted by President Annie McPherson. In 2060, ex-CEO of Bruce Industries Donald King was nominated by the party, and subsequently became president, presiding over what some describe as a "Reign of Terror". Due to the extreme unpopularity of King, the Party is very weak today, although the governor of a North Dakota is a member.