State of Palestine

 The State of Palestine (also known as Palestine) is the name of a nation located in the Middle East. 


International Pressure for Peace; Israel Agrees

In 2012, the Palestinian National Authority went to the United Nations for recgonition and except for Israel and the US, most nations voted for it

In 2014, the Hamas and Fatah agreed to form a unity government something in which the Israeli Government protested. 

Things would get complicated as Israel attacked the Gaza Strip and began a serious of coordinated Air Strikes and ultimately a ground invasion leading to world demanding a boycott 

By 2017, Several Countries had been boycotting Israel with the exception of the United States (some of whose people were pushing for it) 

Strained by the regulations, Israel finally agreed to sit down and discuss peace.

New Oslo Peace Accords, Autonomy for Palestine

In 2018, the New Oslo Accords were signed granting the West Bank and the Gaza Strip Autonomy as well as the demolition of Israeli settlements. The Israeli Government also agreed to move its capital to Tel Aviv as well as Return the Golan Heights to Syria. 

The Original goal for an independent Palestine to be established on May 15, 2020 but economic restrains and the escalating Second Cold War pushed it back to May 15, 2023. 

Palestine Becomes Free

On May 15, 2023, the State of Palestine became independent. The Palestinians joined the Non-Aligned Movement and chose to remain neutral in the Cold War while Israel aligned itself with the United States and the European Union to fight off its enemy, Iran. However, independence came with a price. The end of the oil era shattered Palestine's economy causing them to go into a deep recession. Aid was provided by the United States. Then, the Palestinians were met with something unexpected.

Saudi Wars

When Saudi Arabia invaded Oman, Yemen, Kuwait, and Iraq, Palestine had remained unharmed. However, when the Arab nations fell to Saudi Arabia,  the Palestinians knew they were next. Palestine was saved from possible Saudi occupation thanks to the intervention of Israel who saw Saudi Arabia's actions as a threat to their own national security. Palestine refused to recognize Saudi occupation of the other Arab countries, and so did the West. 

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