Confederazione di Padania Confederation of Padania
Flag of the Padania Confederation
Embelm of the Confederation of Padania
Padanian Emblem

The Confederation of Padania at its greatest extent

Population 7,924,675 (2034 Census)
Government Unitary Parliamentary Constitutional Republic
Languages Italian (Official)
Religions Catholicism
Capital Salo
Establishment July 17, 2027
Currency Padanian Lira

The Confederation of Padania is a state located in Northern Italy comprising of all of the Italian Peninsula north of the Sicilian Republic, as well as Nice, Savoy, Trieste and Corsica. It was set up by the governments of Venice, Lombardy, Genoa and Tuscany after the Second Sicily War to unite in the case of another war against the expansionist Sicilian Republic.

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