Pact of Steel
Pacte d'acier
강철 조약
Сталевий пакт
Pacto de Aço
Čelični pakt
Military alliance
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The Pact of Steel and allies

     Pact of Steel      German Empire      Peru-Bolivia

Type: Military
De jure: Not specified
De facto: Berlin

Full members:
Flag of the German Empire German Empire
3rdfrenchempire French State
1232 United Korea
Flag of Ukraine Ukraine
Flag of Canada Republic of Canada
Flag of Russia Russian Federation
Flag of Portugal (1830) Kingdom of Portugal
Flag of Bulgaria Republic of Bulgaria
Flag of Croatia Republic of Croatia
Flag of Serbia Republic of Serbia
Flag of Vietnam Socialist Republic of Vietnam
De-facto members:
Flag of the Peru-Bolivian Confederation Peru-Bolivian Empire
Flag of Kazakhstan Republic of Kazakhstan
Client states:
CommuistFlagofMacedonia People's Republic of Macedonia

The Pact of Steel is a military alliance first established by Germany in 2027, initially being just a Franco–German alliance. Having undergone a nationalist revolution and becoming a monarchy in 2025–26, France allied with Germany and the two began increasing cooperation, signing a "Pact of Steel". In 2029 the pact was expanded to include Ukraine, which was also developing close ties to Germany. The Pact was largely an informal network between those three countries and did not play much of a role in international politics prior to the outbreak of World War III in 2031, at which point nine other countries joined the alliance.

The Pact of Steel was formally dissolved in 2041–42, after the final Berlin Conference resulted in a peace treaty being signed by the warring nations. One of the conditions was the dissolution of the Pact.

The organization continued in some ways between Germany and France, which had a special relationship, with the establishment of the League of Two Emperors in 2044.

Member states Edit

Country Joined
Flag of the German Empire Germany 2027
Flag of France France[1]
Flag of Ukraine Ukraine 2029
1232 Korea 2031
Flag of Russia Russia
Flag of Bulgaria Bulgaria
Flag of Croatia Croatia
Flag of Serbia Serbia
Flag of Portugal (1830) Portugal
Flag of Vietnam Vietnam
Flag of Canada Canada
Flag of India India
3rdfrenchempire France[1] 2032
Flag of the Peru-Bolivian Confederation Peru-Bolivia[2] 2035

Notes Edit

  1. 1.0 1.1 The French government left the Pact in 2031 at the outbreak of World War III. However, when it was overthrown in 2032 and Napoleon V was crowned king, France rejoined the Pact.
  2. Formally an observer state, having little contact with the rest of the Pact of Steel. German and French military advisers did provide it with assistance.

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