PATO (Pacific Alliance Treaty Organization) is a treaty organization, like NATO, but instead for the Pacific Alliance. Many countries from around the Pacific are involved, main three being Japan, Australia and Canada, along with many more countries from around Asia and Oceania and the Americas.



Countries in red are part of the PATO.

There are many countries that are part of the PATO, such as many from the Asian continent, alongside Canada, Australia, NZ and South American coastal countries.
  • Canada* **
  • China 
  • Japan **
  • Australia **
  • New Zealand **
  • India
  • Papua New Guinea
  • Mexico **
  • Malaysia **
  • Philippines
  • South Korea **
  • Thailand **
  • Cambodia
  • Laos
  • Vietnam **
  • Equador **
  • Peru **
  • Chile **
  • Brunei **
  • East Timor
  • Norway* **

/* Norway and Canada are the only two countries that have been allowed into Pato by China, Laos and Cambodia that are in Nato.

/** Countries that have agreed not to let Russia into PATO.

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