Oscar III (full: Oscar Olof Gustaf Wilhelm) (4 May 2017 in Stockholm, Sweden - 26 May 2106 in Stockholm) was King of Sweden. He inherited the throne upon the death of his sister, Queen Estelle I of Sweden 10 December 2097, thus becoming the first male monarch of Sweden since his maternal grandfather Carl XVI Gustaf. He was the second child and only son of Queen Victoria I and Prince Daniel of Sweden. He was the second monarch of the house of Westling.

During his reign his royal powers became extensive. When he inherited the throne, he became chairman of the Swedish foreign committee, he had the right to propose prime minister to the Riksdag (the Swedish parliament), he could veto decisions in parliament and dissolve it and call for a new election. During his reign, he was given the right to ennoble loyal subjects, he became de jure and acting commander-in-chief of the Swedish army and navy, and was given the right to propose laws, regulations, taxes and charges to the government, which was renamed as the King's Council, and the title of cabinet minister was changed to the old title, council of the realm. He was also given the power to declare war and peace, and could rule by decree in times of war or unrest. It was also declared that he would represent Sweden, or, if he was unable or unwilling, he could appoint any member of the Royal House of Sweden or among the councils of the realm, to make agreements with former powers. Before that, the prime minister would represent Sweden in those occasions. Having accomplished all this during his less than nine years long reign, he was nicknamed Oscar the Efficient.

He married 4 October 2035 in Stockholm Cathedral to Leah Isidora Behn, daughter of Princess Märtha Louise of Norway and Ari Behn, having with her the following issue:

Margareta II, Queen of Sweden

Princess Victoria

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