• Flag of the United Nations The United Nations: Formed after the Second World War, the UN was reformed in 2039 following the Flood War to give allow for a greater degree of equal representation for its member states, the most radical being the shake up of the permanent members of the Security Council, with the removal of France and Britain to be replaced with the European Federation's seat. In the late 21st Century the United Nations established a military wing of the organisation, which sent neutral peacekeeper troops to the Israeli-Palestinean conflict zone, the Suez Canal and the Straits of Hormuz to prevent further violence and terrorism in the vital areas for international trade.
  • POTA flag POTA: Formed in 2036, POTA is the largest Military-Economic Alliance in the world today, in competition with the AIS. However, the two organisations remain good allies.
  • EEL Eastern European League: Formed in the wake of the Flood War, the EEL was created to give Eastern Europe the same economic luxuries it had enjoyed under the European Union prior to the Flood War. The EEL eventually collapsed and was absorbed into the European Federation.
  • AIS Flag Association of Independent States: The AIS was formed in 2039 with the signing of the Treaty of Montreal where the European Federation, Canada, and Quebec agreed a pact of mutual security and economic cooperation, much like the Treaty of the Pacific with POTA. The goal of the AIS was to create an Socio-Democratic sphere against POTA, which the EF in particular saw as a threat to their way of life. Canada, the other primary founder, saw the AIS as a shield against the Americans after seeing their unofficial annexation of Mexico with the Central American Recovery Act. The Guyana Cooperative and the United States of Africa later joined the alliance in 2043.

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