Organisation of Asylum Nations
منظمة الأمم اللجوء (Arabic)
Organització de les Nacions d'Asil (Catalan)
Organizace Národov Azylu (Czech)
Organisation af Asyl Nationer (Danish)
Organisation des Nations d'Asile (French)
Organisation der Asyl-Nationen (German)
Οργάνωση του Ασύλου Εθνών (Greek)
ארגון של אומות של מקלט (Hebrew)
शरण नेशन्स का संगठन (Hindi)
Organizzazione delle Nazioni d'Asilo (Italian)
سازمان پناهجویی ملل (Persian)
Organização das Nações de Asilo (Portuguese)
Organización de las Naciones de Asilo (Spanish)
İltica Milletler Örgütü (Turkish)

2036 - 2054

2015 - 2025
2025 - 2040

Geneva, Switzerland
Eura, FCT, UFE
Membership x member states
Official Languages Arabic, Catalan, Czech, Danish, French, English, German, Greek, Hebrew, Hindi, Italian, Persian, Portugueses, Scotish Gaelic, Slovak, Spanish and Turkish
Director-General Scott Monroe (2050 - 2054)

The Organisation of Asylum Nations (OAN) was an ONG based on the Treaty of the Alps which was signed on 24 June 2036. The OAN headquarters were in Geneva, Switzerland from 2036 to 2040. After the formation of the UFE, the headquarters were moved to Eura.

The objective of the OAN is to provide a temporary place to live to refugees from flooded zones.

Member states

The OAN was founded by willing nations with stable economies and territories higher than 30 over the sea level.

In 2036, Brazil, Catalonia, Germany, Greece, Greenland, the Israeli Union, Scotland, Spain and Switzerland founded the OAN. In 2039, Austria, Canada, Chechia, India, Iran, Portugal and Turkey joined the OAN.

In 2040, Austria, Catalonia, Czechia, Germany, Greenland, part of the Israeli Union, Portugal, Scotland, Spain, Switzerland and Turkey merged with the rest of Europe into the United Federation of Europe, which remained as a member of the organisation. Arabia also joined the OAN after its formation.

In 2042, Brazil merged with Bolivia, Colombia, Ecuador, Paraguay and Peru into the Federative Republic of Amazonia, which remained as a member of the organisation.

In 2044. South Africa and Zealand joined the OAN.

In 2050, Hawaii and Zealand merged into the Federative Republic of Oceania, which remained as a member of the organisation.


During its short life, there were four Directors-General of the OAN (OANDG).

# Name Tood Office Left Office Country of origin
1 Felipe Morais 2036 2040 Brazil
2 Ruth Nyilas 2040 2045 Europe
3 Salim Ghosh 2045 2050 Hindustan
4 Scott Monroe 2050 2054 Oceania


The OAN was absorbed by the UN in 2050. The reason was that the refugees no longer need a temporary place to live due to the lowering of the sea level and the recovering of land. Since 2050, the OAN was reponsible to re-settle the people who wanted to return to their home land until its dissolution in 2054.

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