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Operation Liberation
Part of: World War 3
Israeli troops in border

Israeli troops secure their border from Syrian attacker.

Date: 19 June 2021 - ...
Location: Israel, Lebanon, Syria
Status: Ongoing

Flag of Free Syria Syria
Flag of Palestine Palestine
Flag of Lebanon Lebanon
Flag of Jordan Jordan
Flag of Egypt Egypt
Flag of Saudi Arabia Saudi Arabia

Supported by:
Flag of Iraq Iraq
Flag of Turkey Turkey
Flag of Libya Libya
many more...

Flag of Israel Israel
Flag of the United States United States

Supported by:
Flag of Canada Canada
Flag of the United Kingdom United Kingdom
Flag of Australia Australia
Flag of Greece Greece
many more...


Flag of Free Syria Riad al-Asaad

Flag of Israel Benyamin Netanyahu

Casualties and losses

Operation Liberation (Arabic: تحرير عملية, Tahrir Eamalia) is the codename for Syria's invasion of Israel. Syria take the name of 'Liberation', because they claimed, they are doing this invasion to liberate Palestine from Israel.
After some minor conflicts, August 2021, Syria declared war on Israel, after was being anger after Israel conducted genocide to Palestinians. It was begun with Occupation of Golan Heights by Syria, and broke the Demilitariazed Zone in Golan Heights. Syria planned the Operation since the President, Riad al-Asaad, hear the news about Israel's genocide.
Israel was doing an invasion to Lebanon, but it failed after Combined troops of Syria, Jordan, and Iraq helped Lebanon to defend itself. After liberate Lebanon, Syrian troops continued to invade Israel from North and East. Egypt, Jordan, and Saudi also started to help by invade Israel from their border. The United States, ally of Israel, began to help Israel by send 15,000 troops to Tel Aviv.