"Allahu Akbar"
Demonym Ontarian
Currency Ontarian Dollar
Ontario, officially the Islamic Republic of Ontario is a country in central North America, occupying the entire area of the former Canadian province of Ontario. The nation was created indirectly as a result of the Canadian Revolution of 2031, in which the Union of Canadian Islamists (UCI) helped overthrow Canada's democratic government. Following the revolution, negotiations persisted between the revolutionary groups and it was finally agreed upon that the UCI would be allowed to form its nation within the former province of Ontario. The nation was established on November 22, 2031. Sharia law was immediately put in place in the predominantly non-muslim region and the UCI officially had created the first Islamic state in North America. Although the country was immediately recognized by most states in the Middle East and North Africa, other countries were reluctant to give the nation recognition. By the mid 2030's, the nation finally began receiving international recognition and by 2039, it became a member of the United Nations and was recognized by all of its members.

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