Onetahi is a small islet in the the Tetiaroa atoll. 


Onetahi contains about 182 acres of land. About 25% of that land contains the airport on the islet.

The islet contains no mountains or bodies of water.

The islet is connected to the other islets in the atoll by the Tetiaroa Highway.


Onetahi originally was a part of a privately owned atoll. 

In 2060, the atoll became a publicly owned atoll.


Onetahi had about 0 people living in it until 2060. 

According to the 2097 census, 28 people were living in Onetahi, about 100 people per square mile.

Year Population
2062 2
2067 6
2072 8
2077 15
2082 16
2083 20
2087 22
2092 24
2097 28


Onetahians are French citizens with complete civil and political rights. French is the official language for the island.

The current mayor is Aimee Gautama, who has served since April 5, 2085, who is in her fourth term.

Name No. of Terms Length of Terms
Edward Talmuea 2 April 5, 2060 - April 3, 2068
Jones Haueaa 1 April 5, 2068 - April 3, 2072
Thomas Maiae 3 April 5, 2072 - April 3, 2085
Aimee Gautama 4 April 5, 2085 - present

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