This page describes a scenario. The developments outlined here are possible, but unlikely and depend on a number of random factors.


The North American Union is formed out of NAFTA, and the EU solidifies as a single entity at the same time.

The FBI, CIA, and NSA are reformed into the Office of National Intelligence. The new organization is given the authority to moniter all phone calls, e-mails, and installs surveilance cameras on every street corner and in every office building.

In both Europe and America it is now compulsory for every citizen to carry a National ID Card containing all personal information.


The EU and NAU have now installed surveilance cameras in every private residence.

the first death camp is set up to kill dissidents and their families.

Computers are now pre programmed with government mandated cookies. One staple program is the destruction of all social networking sights and Peer to Peer software.

In the meantime, millions of people ave been killed in the NAU alone. Peace activists say that the world is finally ending war.


A mandatory curfew is imposed to "preserve peace" in Europe and America.

The Shanhai Cooperation Organization and the Union of South American Nations become superstates.

There are now several mega unions dominating four continents.


The UN signs the Global Securtity Act incorporating all standing Armies into a single force and establishing the Global Inteligence Agency as a world wide surveilance and police force.

Chip implants are now compulsory in the mega unions.

Croton on Hudson Death Camp is complete along with thousands of others across the world.


By now, anyone who speaks out against the system is declared "an enemy of the state."

Africa, the Middle East, and Oceania opt out of the UN.

The Global Citizenship Act is passed. All UN nations create a single world citizenship.


Cameras are now installed in every building and street corner around in the UN's control.

Africa, the Middle East and Oceania sign the Sydney Treaty, establising the League of Free States.


The UN signs the One World Treaty establishing the United Nations as a single hyperstate known as the Union of Earth.

Neural implants are made mandatory to track all citizens and inhibit thought.

The LFS creates the Liberty Defense Force.

The African transit network is completed, linking all of Africa's major cities togeather.


The UE, now longer willing to tolerate the LFS detonate a series of nuclear devices in major military instelations and infrastructure networks to cripple their rival. Earth is now "United" under one tyranical power.


Now with the LFS subdued, the UE begin massacres of citizenry citing "World Peace" as justification for killing a billion people.

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