One-State Solution (World War Z)

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The One-State Solution refers to the unification of seperate states torn apart by conflict into one state. This has been referred to in many different areas of the globe.

Chinese One-State Solution

The Chinese One-State Solution is the unification of the People's Republic of China and the Nationalist Republic of China into the National People's Republic of China. It calls for a state to be created that combines the Socialist Policies of the People's Republic of China under the mixed economy of the Nationalist Republic of China.

Italian One-State Solution

The Italian One-State Solution calls for the unification of the Confederation of Padania and the Sicilian Republic into the Federal Republic of Italy. Suprisingly, the Sicilian leadership has taken steps to see that this plan is put into motion, but the Padanian leadership has refused any talks on the subject, because in their own words, the Padanian leadership doesn't "want to share power with those criminal bastards".

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