The Omega Point is a hypothetical point in time where an infinite amount of information processing (calculations) is possible. This huge quantity of computing can allow the revival of dead people. When we say dead, we mean destructed people, for example, dead in 1670 and cremated or buried.


A point or state where an infinite amount of information is stored and processed.
More powerful (little) than quantum computing and distributed on every planets or matter available in the universe, in the goal to revive people and make them immortal in a paradise structure.
While the universe collapses into a true singularity within a finite time, life squeezes the last drops of energy from it to develop faster than the collapse, and experience an infinite subjective time before the singularity; life will become immortal in its own perspective. An infinite amount of information is stored and processed, life evolves to its conclusion (which Tipler thinks is a single godlike being, Omega) and the universe becomes a single point, the Omega Point.

See also

  • Alpha Point — computations made during creation of new daughter universes.

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