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Russian tank

Russian tanks advancing into Europe

Allies: USA, UK, Germany, Italy, and France

Communists: Russia, China, and Iran

Casulties: 27 million Allies: 12 Million Communists:15 Million
Cause: Scare Oil Affects: China turns to Chinese Republic, Allied ocupation of Russia Side Victory: Allies Date: 2018-2029
Area: The whole world




  • May 2018- A terrorist strike on Sauda arabia destroyed 25% of the world's oil. A wave of riots and panicking hit the world
  • July 2018- China, Iran and Russia form an alliance known as Red Star Alliance (RSA)
  • August NATO fell apart untill only US, Germany, France, UK, and Italy were alliagned
  • Septrmber 2018-Russia and Iran invades oil rich Iraq
  • October 2018- NATO goes to Defcon 1
  • Early November 2018- Russia launches attack into Caucasusian countries and Ukraine, Russia holds 45% of oil on Earth
  • Late November 2018 Russia stations troops on the Russo-Romanian border. If Russia takes Romania they will own 70% of oil on Earth
  • December 2018- Russia invades Romania, soon NATO declares war on the RSA, The oil war has began

Images (9)

US marines defending Romania from RSA forces

Early War (2018-2023)

  • 2018
  • A major battle in Budapest, RSA victory
  • Russia and China invade Alaska
  • Russia invades Finland
  • China invades Thailand
  • US moves a huge fleet 100 miles away from china
  • Russia advances to mid-Poland
    WW3 2018

    2018 global map

Communists major victories (2024-2027)

End Game (2028-2029)


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