Oceanic Federation
2037 –
" As One, All is Peaceful"
Great Oceania
'Oceania at its peak.
Capital Sydney
Largest City Melbourne
Official language English
State ideology Democracy
Government Parliamentary Constitutional democracy
Interstellar union Oceanian Space
Population 4.4 billions
Currency Pacific Dollar

'Oceanic Federation, officially the Federation of Malay 'Archipelago, Oceania and Pacific Islands, is a state locate in Southeast Pacific Ocean. Like the name imply, it comprises of countries on Malay Archipelago, the Oceania and vast islands of Pacific Ocean.

The idea of a united of pacific states arose in late 2020s, when European nations start to work on merging to avoid total collapse of the whole system, which trigger a kind of panic among the Commonwealth of Nations, led by the UK, and many Pacific Islands that are French protectorates. There are also discontents among the nations on Malay Archipelago with the others in ASEAN, at that time absorb many southern provinces of China.

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